Fluke Ti480 Infrared Camera

FLK-TI480 60HZ


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  • -4 to 1472°F (-20 to 800°C) temp measurement range
    • Not calibrated below -10°C
  • ±2°C or 2% accuracy, whichever is greater (@ 25°C)
  • 640 x 480 (307,200 pixels)
    • 1280 x 960 with SuperResolution
  • ≤0.05°C at 30°C target temp (50mK) thermal sensitivity
  • Standard lens, IFOV 0.93mRad, D:S 1065:1
  • LaserSharp auto focus & advanced manual focus
  • 60Hz frame rate, 2x and 4x digital zoom

What's in the Box

  • AC power supply & battery charger
  • 2 lithium ion battery packs
  • USB cable
  • 4GB micro SD card
  • Hard carrying case
  • Soft transport bag
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Fluke Connect SmartView software (free download)

The Fluke Ti480 infrared camera is a rugged 640 x 480 thermal imager with one-handed pistol-grip for quick, point-and-shoot troubleshooting. It's IR Fusion technology lets you easily adjust visible and infrared image blending and MultiSharp focus delivers automatically focused images throughout your field of view, dramatically eliminating potential for misdiagnosis.

The IR-PhotoNotes annotation system captures digital images of the surrounding area to reference conditions or actual location and you can save any additional details to the file with voice annotation. You can also quickly highlight areas that are outside your pre-set "normal" temperature ranges with color alarms.

You can use Fluke Connect to link your camera to the Fluke network of wireless test and measurement tools and the Fluke Connect SmartView desktop software to optimize thermal images, perform analytics, generate customizable reports, and export images to the format of your choice in the cloud.


Fluke Connect Measurements Android App
Wireless cloud-based program that communicates data from your testing tool to a mobile device
Fluke Connect Measurements iOS App
Wireless cloud-based program that communicates data from your testing tool to a mobile device


Please consider these optional accessories.

Fluke FLK-LNS Infrared Lenses
Wide angle or 2X telephoto IR lens
Fluke TI-Car Charger
Thermal imager car charger
Fluke FLK-TI-VISOR3 Thermal Imager Visor
Thermal Imager Visor for the Ti200, Ti300 & Ti400
Fluke BOOK-ITP Thermography Principles Book
Soft-cover, 72 page book with 122 full-color illustrations that provides an overview of safe, efficient, & practical use of thermal imagers
In Stock
Fluke Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth headset for Fluke Infrared Cameras
Fluke TI-SBP3 Battery Pack
Spare battery pack for the Fluke Thermal Imagers
Fluke TI-TRIPOD3 Tripod Mount
One-piece mounting accessory that allows you to mount your IR camera to a standard tripod or monopod
Fluke Professional Tool Backpack
Durable high-quality polyester, injection molded plastic bottom base, six storage compartments