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  • 3.5in landscape LCD screen
  • 4GB internal flash memory
  • ≥4GB memory card
  • 6.5ft (2m) drop with standard lens
  • IP54 enclosure rating
  • 2-year Warranty

What's in the Box

  • Infrared camera
  • Standard infrared lens
  • AC power supply and battery pack charger
  • Two lithium-ion smart battery packs
  • USB cable
  • HDMI video cable
  • 4GB micro SD card
  • Adjustable hand strap
  • Hard carrying case
  • Soft transport bag

The Fluke Ti401 PRO 60HZ Infrared Camera offers 640 x 480 resolution image quality. LaserSharp™ Auto Focus uses a built-in laser distance meter that calculates and displays the distance from your designated target and immediately adjusts the focus. Fluke uses 100% diamond-turned germanium lenses with specialty coatings that produce high-quality infrared images. The Standard Infrared Lens has a field of view (H x V) 34° x 24° and a minimum focus distance of 6in (15cm). Telephoto and wide-angle interchangeable Smart Lenses are available as accessories, and require no calibration.

See more details when you adjust the level of infrared and visible light with patented IR-Fusion™ technology. Edit and analyze images on camera. Edit emissivity, enable color alarms and markers, and adjust IR-Fusion™ visual and infrared image blending.

Manage data, capture multiple measurements (mechanical, electrical and thermal) and organize them by piece of equipment with Fluke Connect™ software. Stream thermal data and operate the camera remotely with Fluke Connect Desktop software available through free download.

Fluke Connect Measurements Android App
Wireless cloud-based program that communicates data from your testing tool to a mobile device
Fluke Connect Measurements iOS App
Wireless cloud-based program that communicates data from your testing tool to a mobile device
Fluke LENS/TELE2 Infrared Telephoto Lens
2X telephoto lens for the Ti and TiX family of thermal imagers. No calibration needed
Fluke 4X Telephoto IR Lens
Four times magnification smart lens with 6.0°H x 4.5°V field of view and 5ft (1.5m) minimum focus distance
Fluke FLK-LNS Infrared Lenses
Wide angle or 2X telephoto IR lens
Fluke 25 Micron Macro Infrared Lens
Smart lens with 36.1°H x 27.1°V field of view and 0.3 to 0.6in (8 to 14mm) working distance, optimal at 0.4in (10mm)
Fluke TI-Car Charger
Thermal imager car charger
Fluke FLK-TI-VISOR3 Thermal Imager Visor
Thermal Imager Visor for the Ti200, Ti300 & Ti400
Fluke BOOK-ITP Thermography Principles Book
Soft-cover, 72 page book with 122 full-color illustrations that provides an overview of safe, efficient, & practical use of thermal imagers
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Fluke TI-TRIPOD3 Tripod Mount
One-piece mounting accessory that allows you to mount your IR camera to a standard tripod or monopod
Fluke Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth headset for Fluke Infrared Cameras
Fluke TI-SBP3 Battery Pack
Spare battery pack for the Fluke Thermal Imagers
Fluke Smart Battery Pack
Smart Battery Pack for Fluke TiX520 and TiX560 Expert Series Infrared Cameras
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