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Rosemount 2120 Liquid Level Switch
Vibrating short fork liquid point level switch with four switching functions
Rosemount 2130 Level Switch
Enhanced vibrating fork liquid level switch, electronic self-checking and condition monitoring
Gems LS-3 Series Level Switch
Durable single point level switches for long, trouble free service
Rosemount 2110 Liquid Level Switch
Vibrating fork liquid point level switch with performance unaffected by flow, turbulence, bubbles, foam, vibration, or solids content
Flowline LU10 Switch Tek Ultrasonic Level Switch
CSA approved intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments, Submersible polypropylene or PFATeflon sensor and cable for corrosive liquids
APG Kari Level Switch
Cable suspended float level switch allows up to 4 switch points in a single float
Gems LS-270 Series Level Switch
Bracket mounted level switch with slosh shield to minimize turbulence
Rosemount 2160 Wireless Level Switch
Wireless liquid level detector for reliable point level detection, electronic self-checking and condition monitoring
Krohne OPTISWITCH 5200 C Vibrating Level Switch
Tuning fork level switch with probe extension for liquids
Gems LS-1950 Series Level Switch
Exceptionally rugged and accurate float level switch for high performance applications
Flowline EchoSwitch Ultrasonic Level Switch
Non-contact level detection up to 26.2ft (8m) with 3 programmable relays and a 4-20mA signal output
Flowline AV Float Series Float-Point Level Switch
Multi-point float level switch package for high temp and pressure, 316 stainless steel float, guide and process mounting plug
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Gems TH-800 Series Level & Temperature Switch
Combines a level and temperature switch into a single instrument
Gems ELS-1150 Series Level Switch
High performance electro-optic level switch designed to provide a range of capabilities including sinking, sourcing & time delay outputs
Flowline LV36 / LH35 / LV35 Switch Tek Float Level Switch
316 SS level sensor for high temp and pressure applications, dry contact reed switch selectable NO or NC via float orientation
Gems LS-800-5 Series Level Switch
Ideal for large or small tanks or where access to the inside is impractical or impossible
Krohne OPTISWITCH 5100 C Vibrating Level Switch
Compact tuning fork level switch for liquids
Flowline LO10 Switch Tek Optic Leak Detection Switch
Submersible polypropylene or PFA Teflon sensor and cable for corrosive liquids, with fail-safe leak sensor
Gems Series M Level Switch
Mechanical tilt float level switch for applications in difficult liquids such as sewage and waste water
APG FLX Level Switch
Multi-point magnetic level switch offers up to seven custom configured NO/NC switch points and hazardous area certification
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Gems LS-1700 Series Level Switch
Economical float-type level switches for shallow tanks or restricted spaces
Gems LS-750 Series Level Switch
Level switch with weighted collar can be suspended in stand pipes dropped into wells
Kobold NKP Series Level Switches
Maintenance free design, small dimensions and reed contacts with high switch capacity
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GF Signet 2285 Level Float Switch
Hermetically molded, double chamber, mercury free operated micro switch, Cable Lengths 5m, 10m, 20m
E+H Liquiphant FTL31 Level Switch
Point level switch for liquids in compact design with stainless steel housing
Gems LS-700F Series Level Switch
Level switch designed as overfill protection for refrigerant tanks
Intempco LSA01 Capacitance Level Switch
Capacitance level switch single point detection
Gems LS-1800 Series Level Switch
Float level switch withstands rough service while providing excellent stability for general use in oils and water
APG MLS Level Switch
Tailor this mechanical float switch to your needs in the field with an adjustable switch point and hysteresis
Gems LS-1750 & LS-1755 Series Level Switches
Rugged stainless steel float level switches for corrosive liquids and high temperatures and pressures
Gems ELS-950 / ELS-950M Level Switches
The smallest electro-optic liquid level sensor available from Gems
Kobold NEK Compact Conductive Level Switch
Ryton or polypropylene bodies and no moving parts
Krohne OPTISWITCH 4000 C Vibrating Level Switch
Economical, universal vibration level switches for liquids
APG LF Level Switch
Miniature float switches provide reliable performance in OEM or large volume applications
Krohne OPTISWITCH 3100 C Compact Vibration Level Switch
Compact vibrating level switch for solids
APG FS-400 Vertical Float Switch
Stainless steel, shock-resistive construction with a user-reversible switch & operating temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
Gems ELS-1100 Series Level Switch
Low cost, compact, optical, level sensors with built-in switching electronics
Flowline LV10 Switch Tek Vertical Buoyancy Level Switch
Baffle body and stabilized float dampen out switch chatter, submersible polypropylene or PVDF sensor and cable for corrosive liquids
Flowline LP15 Switch Tek Capacitance Level Switch
Guard circuit optimizes performance in coating type media, submersible polypropylene sensor body and cable for corrosive liquids
E+H Liquiphant FTL50 Level Switch
Compact vibration point level switch for liquids in all industries
Flowline AV / AZ / AU Smart Trak Level Switch
Provides reliable, multi-point liquid level detection up to 10’ (3m) with 1-4 adjustable level switch points and a compact junction box
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Flowline LV41 Switch Tek Float Level Switch
Mechanically actuated float switch intended for automatic start / stop of electrical components, submersible polypropylene body
APG FS-500 Horizontal Float Switch
Stainless steel and shock-resistive for use in a wide range of liquids and options for operating temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
Flowline AX1X Switch Pak Level Switch
Polypropylene or PVDF single-point level switch package for corrosive liquids, 60VA relay or 15VA dry contact selectable
Kobold NV Liquid Level Switch
Adjustable float switch sensitivity with a maximum pressure of 230 psig
Flowline LH25 / LV20 Switch-Tek Level Switch
Simple low-cost level switch solution for basic applications, offered in both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations
Gems LS-77700 Level Switch
Bent stem switches for mounting into the side of tanks and other vessels
$82.00 to $135.00
Gems LS-74780 Level Switch
Large sized, float level switch particularly well suited for rough service
Flowline LZ12 Switch Tek Vibration Level Switch
Reliable liquid level detection of dirty liquids such as those with light to medium coating, scaling or foaming characteristics with a 1A relay output
Flowline EchoPod DS14 Ultrasonic Level Switch
General purpose, non-contact ultrasonic level switch and controller for small tanks
APG FS-410 Miniature Vertical Float Switch
Stainless steel construction, featuring 2.35 (60mm) length, with a user-reversible switch & operating temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
W.E. Anderson OLS Level Switch
Low cost, compact optical level switch with LED indication and no moving parts
GF Signet 2281 Multipoint Switch
On site probe length configuration, 2 to 4 individual switching points integrated in one sensor
Krohne OPTISWITCH 3300 C Vibration Level Switch
Tuning fork level switch with tube extension for solids
Gems LS-1900 Series Level Switch
Float level switch is ideal for high viscosity fluids and rough service
Proximity PLS Level Switch
Economical top or side mounted rotary paddle level control for dry bulk materials
Krohne OPTISWITCH 5250 C Vibrating Level Switch
Tuning fork level switch with probe extension for hygienic liquid applications
GF Signet 2282 Guided Float Switch
Optimized chemical compatibility, for small tanks, PP and PVDF version available
Intempco LLS100 Conductivity Level Switch
Liquid level limit detection in metallic and non-metallic tanks containing electrically conductive liquids
Level Pro PLS Series Level Switches
All plastic design, corrosion resistant, high or low level indication, P10 float
Gems LS-159000 Series Level Switch
Low cost inline flow switch mounts outside the tank
APG NLS Level Switch
Pneumatic liquid level switch designed for use in viscous and sticky liquids that can stop a float switch in its tracks
Gems ELS-1100HT Series Level Switch
High temperature optical level sensors with built-in switching electronics
Flowline LV42 Switch Tek Sump Float Level Switch
Mercury-free self counter-weighted float switch, submersible polypropylene body and PVC cable for corrosive liquids
APG VBL Level Switch
Vibrating level switch works well with solids of many types and for silos and bins or many shapes and sizes
Proximity PLS2 Level Switch
Electromechanical level switch designed for level monitoring of bulk materials
GF Signet 2284 Ultrasonic Gap Switch
Relay output, corrosion resistant PPS body, 1" and 3/4" threaded mounting, compact sensor contained full plastic body
GF Signet 2280 Tuning Fork
Maintenance free vibrating principle, independent of the liquid conductivity, dielectric constant, viscosity, pressure and temperature
Krohne OPTISWITCH 3200 C Vibration Level Switch
Tuning fork level switch with suspension cable for measuring the level of solids
APG PWS Level Switch
Rotating paddle wheel level switch is ideal for grain processing machines, plastic molding or injection machines
Proximity FCLS Level Switch
Features no probe design for installation where space is constrained or where material flow or build-up would damage a probe
Proximity CTF Level Switch
Compact, cost effective mini tuning fork level switch requires no maintenance
E+H Liquiphant FTL50H Level Switch
Compact vibration point level switch for liquids especially in the food and life sciences industry
Flowline LP50 Switch Tek Level Switch
Non-Intrusive Capacitance Level Switch, level detection through plastic or fiberglass walls, polyethylene, polypropylene or PVDF adhesive 3M mounting brackets
Gems LS-1700TFE Level Switch
PTFE float offers broad chemical compatibility and low particle generation
Krohne OPTISWITCH 5150 C Vibrating Level Switch
Hygienic tuning fork level switch for liquids
Flowline AZ18 / AU18 Switch Pro Level Switch
Liquid level detection with one 1A relay and a compact junction box for integral wiring termination, for corrosive liquid applications
Gems LS-1900TFE Level Switch
Large sized, Teflon float resists build-up of foreign material or sticky media
Gems ELS-1100FLG Series Level Switch
Flange mounted optical level sensor for installations without threaded holes
Carlo Gavazzi CA Series
Capacitive level detector with thermoplastic polyester housing for plastic and rubber applications
Proximity TFLS2 Level Switch
Compact, cost effective tuning fork level switch or level control of powders
Proximity VRLS Level Switch
Vibrating rod level switch is an economical choice for the level detection of powders and bulk solids
Level Pro PLS B Series Level Switches
All plastic design, Nema 4X HD housing, PP housing material, corrosion resistant
Flowline AV17 Float Point Drum Alarm
Portable, 9V battery powered LED alarm with test switch, Single or two-point alarm for 55, 30 and 20 gallon drums
Gems Fabri-Level Switch Kit
Contains the components necessary for assembly of a 1- or 2-station level switch for pipe-plug mounting in your tank