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  • 3-A and EHEDG certificates
  • Process temperatures:
    • 100°C (212°F), CIP-capable
    • 150°C (302°F), CIP- and SIP-capable
  • All-metal separation
  • Stainless steel housing
  • External function test with test magnet
  • Onsite function check


The E+H Liquiphant FTL33 Level Transmitter is a point level switch for universal use in all liquids. It is used preferably in storage tanks, mixing vessels and pipes, where the internal and external hygiene requirements are particularly stringent.

The FTL33 is ideal for applications in which float switches or conductive, capacitance and optical sensors have been used up to now. The Liquiphant FTL33 also works in areas where these measuring principles are not suitable due to conductivity, buildup, turbulence, flow conditions or air bubbles.

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