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  • Direct pump control
  • Adjustable On/Off switching levels
  • Simple installation
  • Field adjustable probe length
  • Switch points: 1 NO/NC,
  • Stem mounted float switch
  • Adjustable mechanical hysteresis
  • Output contact rating: 250 V 10 A AC; 250 V 0.4 A DC (resistive)
  • Enclosure protection: IP42, NEMA 1
  • Materials:
    • Float & rod: 304SS
    • Protective bellows: Neoprene or silicone
    • Housing: Polycarbonate


The APG MLS level switch is a mechanical float switch that is easily tailored to the user's needs in the field with an adjustable switch point and hysteresis. The MLS float level sensor switches on when the float hits the top float stop, but does not switch off again until the weight of the float itself lands on the bottom stop. The two float stops are field adjustable for optimum switch point control. This mechanical hysteresis is ideal for pump control.

The MLS mechanical float level sensor provides highly accurate and repeatable level readings in a wide variety of liquid level measurement applications. The large, buoyant and robust float of the MLS allows it to be used in harsh applications where fouling or buildup might otherwise be of concern. The MLS float switch has a 10 A SPDT miniature switch for direct control over small horsepower pumps.