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  • 232 psi (16 bar) operating Pressure
  • -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C) operating Temperature
  • CE (Pending: FM, IECEx, Atex)
  • <0.3 lb/ft3, >0.3 lb/ft3, 1.2 lb/ft3, 3 lb/ft3 (<5 g/l, >5 g/l, 20 g/l, 50 g/l)
  • Relay (Pending: 3 wire PNP, 2 wire, 8/16 or 4-20mA, NAMUR) output


The Rosemount 2521 solids level switch is suitable for fine-grained and powdered media in storage and process vessels where high sensitivity is needed. It is a robust technology with high sensitivity and is easy to operate. An enhanced version of the vibrating fork with extra sensitivity options is available. It's available as a standard fork length and tube/cable extended fork lengths. Ideal for use on bulk solids - particularly suitable for use in fine-grained and powdered materials, also suitable for hygienic applications - polished forks and wetted parts made from stainless steel.

The 2521's short fork design allows mounting in small pipes or process vessels with very limited space. It has flexible options via configurable specifications for different applications. With an adjustable switching delay, false switching can be prevented.