APG FLX Level Switch
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  • Up to seven switch points
  • 2.5 inches minimum distance between switch points
  • Outputs: NO, NC
  • Up to 153 inch stem length
  • Long switch life
  • 50 VA, 180 VA switch rating
    • 0.5 A AC max current
    • 220 VAC max voltage
  • Durable 316 stainless steel floats
    • Choice of 1.63 or 2.06 inch diameter
  • Shock resistant construction
  • Operating Temperature: 14 to 185˚F
  • 3/4 inch cable entry
  • Rated CSA Class 1 Division 1; Groups C, D

The APG FLX level switch is a multi-point magnetic level switch offering up to seven custom configured NO/NC switches designed specifically for point level detection of liquids in containers. Available in a wide variety of mounting types, the FLX is appropriate for use in classified flammable liquids. Each FLX is manufactured to the users specifications making it fit to work precisely according to the application requirements.

The FLX series level switches contain reed switches in the stem and permanent magnets in the floats. As the float rises or falls with the level of the liquid, the magnet inside the float act on the reed switch inside the stem to provide the SPST switching action. The FLX is available in lengths up to 153 inches. he FLX is rated CSA Class 1 Division 1; Groups C, D for explosive environments.