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  • Measuring range up to 200 kΩ
  • 10 uS minimum density of medium
  • Cable monitoring up to sensor
  • Adjustable sensitivity range
  • Ambient temperatures:
    • Single mounting: –4 to 140°F (–20 to 60°C)
    • Series mounting without lateral spacing: –4 to 122°F (–20 to 50°C)
  • Supply voltage:
    • AC version: 85 to 253 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • DC version: 20 to 30 VAC / 20 to 60 VDC
  • ATEX, FM, and CSA approvals
  • IP20 (as per EN 60529)
  • IK06 (as per IEC 62262)


The E+H Nivotester FTW325 level switch is a point level switch with an intrinsically safe signal circuit for connection to a conductive sensor. The FTW325 is designed for point level detection in tanks for liquids. It features an intrinsically safe signal circuit for use in hazardous areas. It provides overfill prevention for tanks with flammable or non-flammable water-polluting liquids, and provides dry running protection for pumps.

The FTW325 features two-point control, point level detection, and a configurable sensitivity range. The alarm relay can be switched as a second level relay (SPDT). The FTW325 also features pluggable terminal blocks for easy wiring, and it has a compact housing for easy series mounting on a standard DIN rail in the cabinet.

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