• Switching differential
    • Minimum 10 in.
    • Maximum 50 in.
  • Maximum Pressure: 28 psi (2 bar)
  • Up to 4 switching levels
  • Optional built-in hysteresis
  • Minimum fluid specific gravity:
    • 0.7 for Standard float
    • 0.95 for Mini float
  • Mercury and lead free
  • High chemical compatibility
  • Proven reliability in operation
  • Max Voltage: 250 VAC or DC
  • Temperature: 130°F, high temperature option up to 175°F
  • Float Material: Polypropylene
  • Cable material: PVC (standard); Polypropylene, Rubber, Teflon® available by request
  • Standard cable length: 5m (16 ft), 15m (49 ft.) available
  • Housing rated IP67, NEMA 6
  • Certifications: CE, CSA General Purpose


The APG Kari level switch is a cable suspended float level switch allows up to 4 switch points in a single float. The Kari can replace four single-level float switches. It can accomplish the same functionality with only one float, saving you money, avoiding tangles, and getting the job done. While the Kari float switch can be used in a myriad applications, it's extremely well suited for lift stations.

Kari float switches come purpose built for a variety of unique applications with many different configurations. Unlike any other float switch on the market, several models include built-in hysteresis. The float handles the logic all by itself - making them ideal for backup pump control applications and reducing the need for expensive controllers.

The APG Kari is simple to set up and use. The different activation levels within the float are easy to adjust by lengthening the cable and moving the weight. The closer the weight to the float, the tighter the switching differential - or the closer the switching levels are to each other. If you can wire a simple switch, then you can achieve complex pump control behavior with a single Kari float switch.

The Kari float switch features a high chemical compatibility, a stronger cable, and durable components that simply last longer than the competition. They also use no lead or mercury.

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