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  • Adjustable switch sensitivity
  • Compact design
  • Brass or stainless steel construction
  • Maximum temperature: –50 to 230°F
  • Maximum pressure: 230 psig
  • Connection: 3/4in NPT
  • Protection: NEMA 4/IP65
  • Reed switch SPST Contact
  • Max contact ratings: 50 VA, 50 Watts, 250 VAC, 1.5 A


The Kobold NV liquid level switches may be installed wherever a compact device is required for monitoring liquid levels. With brass or stainless steel construction available, the Kobold NV features a temperature range of -50 to 230°F and a maximum pressure of 230 psig.

The Kobold NV liquid level switches feature a cylindrical stainless steel float that is located at one end of a horizontal balance arm. The float moves up and down with the liquid level. The float movements are transmitted through the balance arm to a permanent magnet at the opposite end. The magnet actuates a reed contact located within a movable housing. The reed contact switches on or off depending on the position of the permanent magnet and the switch housing.

The Kobold NV's reed switch is set as a normally open (N/O) contact at the factory, ie., the contact closes as the liquid level rises. The switching function can be changed to normally closed (N/C) by moving the reed switch housing. Additionally, the switch sensitivity is adjustable so the effects of turbulence are minimized.