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  • 2.35 inch (60mm) compact length
  • Vertical mounting
  • All stainless steel wetted materials
  • 0.7 float specific gravity
  • Temperature Range:
    • -40° to 383°F (-40° to 195°C) standard
    • -40° to 500°F (-40° to 260°C) optional
  • Normally open (NO) switch
    • User reversible for normally closed (NC)
  • 30W max switch capacity
  • Switch rated for 24 & 120 VDC; 120 & 240 VAC


The APG FS-410 miniature vertical float switch features all stainless steel wetted materials including a 316L stem and float, as well as a 15-7 retainer. The FS-410 housing measures less than 2.35 inches (60mm) from the top of the threads to the end of the stem making it an ideal fit for applications with limited space.

The standard temperature range for the APG FS-410 miniature vertical float switch is -40° to 383°F (-40° to 195°C), which can be optionally upgraded to -40° to 500°F (-40° to 260°C) for higher temperature applications. Both models have a maximum pressure rating of 300 psi (20.7 bar). The switch for the APG FS-410 miniature vertical float switch is rated for 24 and 120 VDC, as well as 120 and 240 VAC. This switch comes standard as normally open (NO), but is user-reversible and can be configured as normally closed (NC).