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Define Instruments Merlin Digital Indicator
Universal input panel meter with buttonless, 4-digit LED display that accepts universal AC/DC power supply and is UL listed
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E+H RMA42 Process Transmitter
Universal transmitter, loop power supply, barrier and limit switch, 1 or 2 universal inputs
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Autonics KN-2000W Series Panel Meter
1/8 DIN panel meter, 24Vdc transmitter power supply included, 16 bit ADC (±0.2% F.S.) accuracy, universal input
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Yokogawa MLX Loop Powered Process Indicator
Receives DC current signals from electronic transmitters and indicates process measurement values
Fuji Electric FD5000
One universal panel meter for a variety of input needs
Autonics MT4 Series Panel Meters
AC/DC voltage and current panel meter with optional retransmission and relay output, RS485 communications
Yokogawa UM33A Digital Indicator
UTAdvanced 1/8 DIN digital indicator with up to 8 alarms
Yokogawa PR300 Power and Energy Meter
Panel-mounted power facility meter and meter for monitoring energy consumption
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Inor LED-W11 Digital Indicator
Loop-powered indicator with splash-proof front or housing
Autonics CT Series Counter/Timer
Programmable four or six digit counter/timer is available with RS 485 communication to facilitate set-up and monitoring via PC
West 8010+ Digital Indicator
1/8 DIN digital indicator with universal input and plug-in outputs
Flo-tech F6600 / F6650 Series Rate Counter Digital Display
Accepts frequency signals from Flo-tech's Ultima & Classic turbine flow sensors, powered by either an AC or DC power source
Flo-tech F6700 / F6750 Series Digital Displays
Digital displays for Activa and Classic flow sensors with analog output & 4-20mA or 0-10VDC inputs
Laurel Laureate AC Voltage & Current Panel Meter
True RMS AC voltage & current meter with 1 cycle update at 50/60 Hz
MTL 660 Indicator
Intrinsically safe indicators are loop powered with low voltage drop across their input terminals for installation in almost any 2-wire, 4-20mA loop
Laurel Laureate Load Cell, Strain Gauge & Microvolt Digital Panel Meter
20 mV to 500 mV full-scale ranges, 4- or 6-wire connection
Autonics KN-1000 Digital Indicator
Slim sized digital indicator is compatible with a wide range of input signals and includes a bar graph display
West 6010+ Digital Indicator
1/16 DIN digital indicator with universal input and plug-in outputs
Autonics M4 Panel Meter
Loop powered digital scaling instrument with a display range from -1999 to 9999
KEP INTELLECT-69 Ratemeter / Totalizer
High/low scaling from front panel, 2 set points assignable to rate or total
Dwyer SPPM Panel Meter
16-bit color touch screen display, configurable with downloadable software, 0.1% accuracy
Inor LCD-H11X Loop Powered Field Indicator
Indicator for installation directly in a 4-20 mA loop without need for external power
Carlo Gavazzi UDM35
3.5 digit µP-based modular digital panel meters
Laurel MAGNA Series Panel Meters
Oversized display is available with digits up to 8 inches high for viewing distances up to 320 feet
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6200 / YPP6300 Flow Rate/Totalizer
Analog or pulse input, displays rate and total at same time, rate in secs, mins, hrs, or days
Yokogawa MLD Loop Powered Process Indicator
Display process measurement values from DC voltage and current signals received by electronic transmitters
Define Instruments PRO-WEI100 Load Cell Panel Meter
6-digit LED display, accepts & displays load cell & strain gauge with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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Laurel Laureate Scale Panel Meter
Extremely accurate, digital panel meter with 5-digit resolution optimized for weighing applications
Define Instruments PRO-FLO200 Flow Rate Panel Meter
6-digit dual LED displays for flow rate & volume with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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Define Instruments TEX-CTR10 Panel Meter
6-digit LED display counter or rate indicator with optional 4-20mA analog output
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Gems 163000 Digital Bargraph Display
Improves the way you visualize data received from liquid level transmitters
Laurel Laureate DC Voltage & Current Panel Meter
DC voltage and current indicator with a DC signal conditioner board combine high accuracy, a high read rate and a wide range of output options
Laurel Laureate RTD Panel Meter
Highly accurate and repeatable panel meters factory calibrated for Pt 100, Pt 100 ANSI, Ni 120 and Cu 10 RTDs
Define Instruments PRO-CTR Panel Meter
Single or dual display counter & batch process controller, accepts digital pulses & quadrature inputs with optional relay & analog outputs
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Define Instruments LPI610 Surface Mount Display
4-20mA input, loop powered, 6-digit LCD display that is protected against reverse wiring and accidental 24V supply
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Laurel Laureate Ohm Panel Meter
Optimized for high-speed, high-accuracy resistance measurements in a production environment
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6000 Process Meter
Dual-line, 6 digit display, signal conditioning functions, function keys
Laurel M-35 Panel Meter
Micro-miniature process display is the perfect solution when the indicator must be as small as possible
Define Instruments SD-50X Panel Mount Display
5-digit LCD indicator with °C, °F, or dummy zero in 6th position, loop powered by a 4-20mA input signal
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Laurel Laureate Process Meter & Flow Totalizer
Rate, analog square root, batch control, time based on rate from 0-1 mA, 4-20 mA or 0-10 V signals
Autonics MT4N Panel Meters
Small-sized (W48×H24mm) digital multi panel meter with 7-segment, color-changeable LCD display
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Define Instruments LD-PRC Panel Meter
4-digit LED display that accepts DC current or DC voltage input, with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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Define Instruments TEX-TOTAL Flow Rate Panel Meter
6-digit display, monitors and totalizes the flow rate of transmitters with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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Define Instruments TEX-DEW200 Panel Meter
Dual 6-digit display for RH & temperature RTD inputs with two 4-20mA outputs & optional relays for alarm & on/off process control
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MTL 646 / 647 Indicator
Displays text and simple graphics in hazardous areas providing a low cost operator interface ideal for simple machine and process control applications
Laurel Laureate Thermocouple Panel Meter
Factory calibrated to read type J, K, T, E, N, R and S thermocouples with exceptional accuracy and repeatability
E+H RIA452 Process Indicator
Displays analog measured values with pump control and batch functions
Dwyer LPI Loop Powered Indicator
Accepts 4-20 mA input signal & displays the associated process variable such as pressure, level, flow, temperature, or relative humidity
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6060 Process Meter
Dual-input with math functions, 6 digit display, sunlight readable display
Define Instruments TEX-FLO10 Flow Rate Panel Meter
6-digit LED display dual totalizer with optional analog & relay outputs for on/off process control
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NoShok 2200 Series Digital Indicator
Accepts a wide variety of input signals including thermocouples or RTDs, current, voltage, resistance and process signals
APG MND Modbus Network Display
Local display that works with up to 10 sensors as a master, slave, or power source on any Modbus network
Dwyer BPI Battery Powered Temperature Indicator
Accepts RTD or thermocouple inputs & provides local or remote display of temperature measurements
Dwyer SPPM2 Graphical User Interface Panel Meter
Configurable, full color 4.3˝ touch screen display with ±0.05% ±0.1 mV accuracy & can be paired with optional development board
Laurel Laureate Process & Ratio Panel Meter
Digital panel meter with scalable readout & control outputs for pressure, level, flow, and other process signals
Inor LCD-W11 Digital Indicator
Loop-powered LCD indicator with 1/8 DIN panel mount and pipe-mounted options
Define Instruments TEX-BAR Graph Panel Meter
5-digit LED display with a 0 to 100% bar graph, current and voltage inputs, with optional analog & relay outputs for on/off process control
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Define Instruments PRO-PRC Panel Meter
6-digit LED display with four 0- or 4-20mA process input channels & optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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Kobold MPT Universal Panel Display
Compact display built for a wide range of applications, eight user selectable levels, accepts current, voltage, TC, & RTD inputs
KEP 531 / 532 Series Temperature Displays
Compact and Low-Cost Temperature Display, Displays °C or °F
APG DDX Explosion-Proof Panel Meter
The digital display's superluminous digits make it easily readable in smoke, dust, fog, and direct sunlight
Inor LCD-H20 Loop Powered LCD Indicator
Installation directly in a 4-20 mA loop without need for external power.
APG DDD Panel Meter
Digital display with an accuracy of ±0.03% and a display that updates in 200ms
Gems DM28 Panel Meter
Economical digital process and strain gauge panel meters
Define Instruments LD-UAC Panel Meter
Large 4-digit LED display, accepts universal AC input, with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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APG LPD Current Loop Display
Local display designed to be inserted into a 4-20 mA sensor current loop
Kobold MPV Process Panel Display
Displays rate and total simultaneously, pulse or analog inputs, 32-point linearization, open channel flow
Define Instruments TEX-PRC Panel Meter
6-digit LED display scales in engineering units with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
Inor LED-W11X Digital Inidicator
Loop Powered, Ex-approved LED digital indicator for gas zone 1 & 2
NoShok 1900C Digital Indicator
Compact digital indicator displays any unit of pressure, temperature, level, force or flow measurement
Inor LCD-W12 Digital Indicator
Digital indicator with direct connection to the ProfIPAQ-H/-L Transmitters
NoShok Series 1950 Digital Indicator
Full-sized panel meter features compressed into small design for ease of installation
Yokogawa PROPLUS YPP6210 / YPP6310  Process Meter
Analog or pulse input, start/pause/stop, change batch with front buttons
Yokogawa ProPlus YPP7000 Temperature Meter
Accepts many thermocouple types and RTDs, 1° or 0.1° resolution
Define Instruments PRO-TC Panel Meter
6-digit LED display accepts up to 4 thermocouple inputs with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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Define Instruments PRO-RTD Panel Meter
6-digit LED display performs custom averaging calculations with optional analog & relay outputs for alarm & on/off process control
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APG DDL Large-Display Panel Meter
The large, superluminous, sunlight display is readable from up to 100ft away