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  • Display range: -1999 to 9999
  • 7-segment LCD display with 9mm character height
  • Various output options (Default : Indicator) RS485 communication output, current (4-20 mA DC), NPN/PNP open collector output, relay contact output
  • Max. measuring inputs: 50 VDC, 250 VAC, 500 mA DC, 5A AC
  • High/Low scale function for high performance
  • AC frequency measurement : Range 0.1 to 9999Hz
  • Functions:
    • Monitoring function for max. and min.
    • Display value function
    • Display cycle delay function
    • Zero function
    • High display correction function
    • Current output scale function
  • Power supply : 12-24VDC/VAC, 100-240VAC


The Autonics MT4N series panel meter is a small-sized instrument with various functions such as AC frequency measuring function, zero adjustment function and transmission output scale function. The MT4N series realizes high resolution of 1/12,000 and color changeable LCD display to increase visibility; in addition, its compact size makes space saving installation possible. Also, wide display range from 1999 to 9999 and various output options are essential characteristics of MT4N series.

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