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  • 7-digit 14-segment LC display, large bar graph
  • Digital status inputs for pump monitoring
  • Flow measurement for open channels and weirs
  • Intrinsically safe input with integrated loop power supply
  • Min/Max value saved
  • Linearization table with up to 32 support points

The E+H RIA452 Process indicator monitors and displays the analog measured values. Pumps can be monitored with the digital status inputs. The RIA452 can provide power directly to two-wire sensors connected. Up to eight freely programmable relays monitor the measured value. Other operating modes for the relays include sensor or device malfunction, batch and pump control functions. Furthermore, the RIA452 can be used as a preset counter and for measuring flow at open channels and measuring weirs.

Applications for the RIA452 include:

  • Water/wastewater sector
  • Power industry
  • Raw materials
  • Chemicals industry
  • Food industry

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