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  • Supplies 24VDC excitation (50mA max)
  • 5Hz sampling rate per channel
  • 100,000 count resolution
  • ±25ppm/°C typical span drift
  • Optional 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V analog output
  • Optional RS232 or RS485 serial port
  • Available with up to 4 relay outputs
  • Available with low or high voltage power supply
  • Data logging capability
  • Security PIN protected
  • IP65 rated dust & splash proof face
  • CE approved & 5-year guarantee


The Define Instruments PRO-PRC panel meter can average inputs across 2, 3, or 4 input channels and use the averaged value for a display source or setpoint activation. It can be used on its own or along with another instrument, such as a transmitter.

The unit accepts key-in calibration without the need of an input signal. You can configure up to 4 setpoints, depending on the number of relays you select. Your settings remain secure with PIN protection; the input calibration and setpoint functions have independent codes so you can give access to one and not the other. It also features an option to log and store your data in the controller's internal memory, where it can be printed or accessed with Excel-compatible programs for easy analysis.

The PRO-PRC uses input signal averaging to reduce noise and ensure stable measurements. If the change in input exceeds the averaging window value it will not average, ensuring fast response when there are large differences between readings. If your input signal contains large noise spikes you can increase the size of the averaging window to ensure that these are still averaged as well.

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