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  • Displays rate and total simultaneously
  • Pulse or analog inputs
  • Square root extraction
  • 5, 10, or 24 VDC flowmeter power supply
  • K-factor, internal scaling, or external calibration
  • 32-point linearization
  • Open channel flow
  • Gate function
  • On-board digital input
  • Modbus RTU communication protocol


Kobold MPV Process Panel Display is designed for simultaneous display of both the flow rate and total for flowmeters with analog or pulse outputs. The upper display can be programmed to display flow rate, total, or grand total and the lower display can be programmed to display flow rate, total, grand total, engineering units, custom legends, or can be turned off. Both displays are also capable of displaying relay set points, or maximum and minimum values. They are also able to provide power to the flowmeter. The MPV features a rugged design with a unique front panel that is nearly impenetrable in typical applications. Set-up is easy with the user-friendly dual line display