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  • High accuracy with 16bit ADC (±0.2% F.S.)
  • Multi-input : Thermometer 12 types, RTD 5 types, analog (mV, V, mA) 6 types
  • Bar graph with 101 LEDs (green), 4digit display (red)
  • Various output options : 4EA or 2EA alarm output, 4-20 mA transmission output (isolated), RS485 communication output
  • Functions
    • High/Low peak monitoring
    • Sensor break alarm output (burn-out)
    • Input correction, digital input (DI)
    • User input range
    • Display scale
    • Transmission output scale
    • Bar graph alarm display
  • Built-in power supply for sensor (24VDC)
  • Compact size (rear length: 70 mm)

The Autonics KN-1000 digital indicator is a slim sized instrument that takes a wide range of input signals and displays them on an LED disdplay that includes a wide and clear bar graph display. The KN1000 also offers diverse advanced functions such as monitoring high/low peak values, sensor burn-out alarm, zero point adjustment, digital input (DI), user selection range, scaling and bar graph alarm indication.

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