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  • NPN, PNP, TTL, namur, tacho or closed contact sensors
    • 2Hz to 10kHz input frequency
    • 0.005% accuracy
    • 2ppm/°C typical ambient drift
    • Supplies 24VDC excitation (50mA max)
  • RS232 or RS485 serial port available
  • Optional 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V analog output
  • Available with up to 4 relay outputs
  • Available with low or high voltage power supply
  • Security PIN protected
  • IP65 rated dust & splash proof face
  • CE approved & 5-year guarantee


The Define Instruments PRO-FLO200 flow batching panel meter accepts digital pulse inputs from flow sensors and meters. It is designed for simple setup and operation, featuring a customizable dual display as well as user programmable input functions. Calibration is simple using either K factor entry or pulses per unit of measurement. You can configure up to 4 setpoints, depending on the number of relays you select.

The batching function allows the total count to be maintained, as well as the current batch value, allowing you to maintain the total in the background while measuring set batch amounts. Other advanced setpoints include setpoint trailing, latching, startup inhibit, inflight adjustment, and volumetric pulse with adjustable pulse width from 0.1 to 10.0 seconds. Your settings remain secure with PIN protection; the input calibration and setpoint functions have independent codes so you can give access to one and not the other.

The PRO-FLO200 uses input signal averaging to reduce noise and ensure stable measurements. If your input signal contains large noise spikes you can increase the size of the averaging window to ensure that these values are still averaged. If the change in input exceeds the averaging window value it will not average, ensuring fast response when there are large differences between readings.

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