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  • Multi-input modular instrument
  • 3.5-digit 48x96mm LED
  • 0.1% RDG basic accuracy
  • TRMS AC current and voltage measurements
  • 200µA to 5A AC/DC selectable full scales
  • 200mV to 500V AC/DC selectable full scales
  • °C or °F
  • Resistance measurements: selectable full scales
  • Up to 4 independent alarm set-points
  • Optional 20mA/10VDC analog output
  • Optional RS485 or RS232
  • MODBUS & JBUS communication protocol


The Carlo Gavazzi UDM35 digital panel meter is a 3.5-digit instrument developed to meet the most advanced application needs. The UDM35 panel meter provides powerful scaling and filtering capabilities and a wide measurement range (up to 5A/500V AC/DC, 20KΩ resistance, RTD and thermocouple input) using only four input modules, cold junction compensation, excitation output, and time integration. UDM35 panel meters feature plug-and-play modules for quick assembly and maintenance.

The parameter programming and cloning of multiple UDM35 panel meters is easily available using the optional UDM-Soft software. Variable control and retransmission is performed via the UDM35's four alarm setpoints, the fully scalable analog output, and/or the RS232/485 serial communication port. The UDM panel meter is a high-tech modular panel meter family developed to meet advanced application needs.