PIE 020-0236 Magnet and Hanging Strap

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  • Designed to work with the updated version of the rubber boot with two holes

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PIE 511 RTD Simulator
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The PIE 020-0236 Magnet and Hanging Strap allows simple, hands-free operation of all PIE calibrators by providing a means to hang your calibrator from metal cabinets and junction boxes or to suspend it from pipes and rails.

Combining a magnet with a hanging strap, the 020-0236 is strong enough to support the calibrator yet small enough to fit inside the carrying case without removing it from the calibrator. Release one of the connectors from the side of the strap to loop it around a pipe or rail.

If your PIE Calibrator was purchased in 2015 or 2016, and has a rubber boot with two holes near the top, then it is already compatible with the Magnet & Hanging Strap. If your calibrator has an older style boot you may need to upgrade to the newer boot style. The Magnet & Hanging Strap may also be used with additional PIE calibrators that don't use the rubber boot. The strap connects to the belt clip on the PIE Model 134 and to the hand strap plate on the back of the PIE Models 541, 532 and 535.