• Direct Temperature Input/Output
  • Read or Source in °C or °F for your T/C type and RTD curves
  • 8 Standard T/C Types Available
  • Types J, K, E, T, R, S, B, N and mV
  • Cold Junction Compensated
  • 8 RTD Curves Available
  • Platinum, Copper, Nickel & ohms
  • Custom types and ranges are available
  • Auto Stepping
  • Accurate to ±0.2°C (±0.4°F) with 0.1° Resolution
  • Millivolt accuracy of ±(0.008% + 0.006 mV)
  • Resistance accuracy of ±(0.015% + 0.05) ohms
  • Guaranteed to Work with ALL Pulsed Instruments
  • Works with wide variety of transmitters including popular Rosemount and Honeywell Models
  • Compatible with devices using pulsed excitation currents including PLCs, DCS Recorders and all others
  • IN RTD mode Automatic Detection of 2, 3, or 4 wire Connections
  • No buttons or switches required, 2W, 3W, or 4W indicator is automatic
  • A valuable troubleshooting tool
  • Easily adjust output by 0.1°
  • Pressing down and turning EZ-Dial Knob
  • will select a faster dialing speed
  • User selectable EZ-Check for 0% and 100% span adjustment
  • Store new EZ-Check values by pressing the EZ-Dial knob
  • Recall stored minimum and maximum readings
  • Uses a standard 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Superior battery life of 45 hours under typical continuous usage
  • Easy access to battery compartment
  • Lightweight and Rugged with a Solid Feel
  • Small, tough and protected to 60V


The Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) 525 T/C & RTD calibrator provides direct temperature calibration to all types of instruments such as transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, data acquisition, and computer systems. Also, the PIE 525 reads RTD & T/C outputs and displays temperature. It is compatible with pulsed systems and transmitters (like the Rosemount 3144) 2, 3, or 4 wire connections are detected automatically. The PIE 525 is a superior replacement for decade boxes, and eliminates the need for lugging around large equipment and the possibility of misreading RTD tables.

Use the EZ-Check Switch to quickly switch between three stored temperatures, 3/mV outputs. It's easy to customize these values to your application. In read mode, the EZ-Check Switch recalls minimum and maximum readings. Store/Clear memory with a press of the EZ-Dial Knob.

The PIE 525 offers the highest performance and functions in its class by exceeding the accuracy and functions of many higher priced T/C & RTD calibrators. It is a low cost solution for checkout and calibration of all T/C & RTD instruments in the field, shop or control room.