Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) is the a technology leader in process loop calibrators. Practical Instruments manufactures the leading edge in milliamp (mA), voltage (V), RTD, thermocouple (T/C), and multifunction handheld calibrators. Practical Instruments is focused on manufacturing accurate, durable, and precise calibration equipment which is easy to use.

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PIE 820 Multifunction Process Calibrator
Like carrying six single function calibrators in the palm of your hand
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PIE 510B and 511B RTD Simulators
Connects directly to the RTD inputs of smart transmitters, PLCs, DCS and multichannel recorders to verify their outputs or displays
PIE 520B and 521B Thermocouple Simulators
Simulate standard thermocouple curves over the entire industrial temperature range
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PIE 334 and 334Plus Loop Calibrators
Precision milliamp loop calibrator
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PIE 211 Automated RTD Calibrator
Check and calibrate all RTD instruments and measure RTD sensors
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PIE 525B Thermocouple & RTD Calibrator
Automated, high accuracy meter calibrates 14 thermocouple and 12 RTD types
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PIE 422 Thermocouple Calibrator
Source and read fourteen thermocouple types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, G, C, D, L & more plus 13.000 to 80.000 mV
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PIE 541 Frequency Calibrator with Totalizer
Automatic stop eliminates the need of a stop watch
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PIE 820-Elite Multifunction Process Calibrator
Designed for those who require the best tools, the PIE 820-Elite performs the work of 8 single function calibrators
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PIE 322 Thermocouple Calibrator
Source and read four thermocouple types J, K, T & E plus 13.000 to 80.000 mV
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PIE 134 Pocket-Mate mA Loop Calibrator
Read and Source 0.00-24.00 mA current loop calibrator
PIE 311 Automated Universal RTD Calibrator
Read and source RTDs with ±0.015% accuracy
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PIE 532 Loop Calibrator
4-20 mA/V Loop Calibrator with auto ramping and loop diagnostics
PIE 830 Multifunction Process Calibrator
High accuracy multifunction diagnostic calibrator with dual display, sources & reads mA, T/C, RTD, V, mV, and frequency
PIE 434 Automated Diagnostic 4-20 mA Calibrator
Troubleshoot current loop problems and and read voltage from -60.00 to +60.00 VDC
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PIE 850 Multifunction Calibrator
Carry eight single function calibrators plus a 4-20/10-50 milliamp calibrator with loop supply plus a loop troubleshooter in the palm of your hand
PIE 235 Process Voltage Calibrator
Measure and read DC voltages, calibrate recorders in live loops, EZ-DIAL double click menu
PIE 535 Dual Range Calibrator
Two calibrators in one convenient package (4-20/10-50 Milliamp & DC Voltage)
PIE 020-0236 Magnet and Hanging Strap
Hang your PIE calibrator from racks, cabinets, and from pipes
PIE RTD Wire Kit
2 red and 2 black leads with retractable shield banana plugs and spade lugs
PIE Rubber Boot
Protective rubber boot with tilt stand
PIE Carrying Case
Carrying case with PIE logo for 530, 532, 535 & 541 Calibrators
PIE Certified Test Data for Calibrators and Simulators
PIE Mini Plug Lead Kit for J, T, E K TCs
Mini plug lead kit with stranded wire for J, T, E and K thermocouples
PIE Ni-MH Batteries and Charger
Ni-MH 1 hour charger with 4 Ni-MH AA batteries
PIE Mini Plug Lead Kit for B, R/S, N TCs
Mini plug lead kit with stranded wire for B, R/S and N thermocouples
PIE RTD Wire Kit
PIE RTD wire kit with 4 leads for the 525 Calibrator
PIE AC Adaptor, 120V, 60Hz
PIE AC Adaptor for 530 and 532 Calibrators
PIE AC Adaptor, 120V, 60Hz
PIE AC Adaptor for 535 Calibrator