Carlo Gavazzi is a diversified, internationally active electronics group. Carlo Gavazzi designs, manufactures, and markets electronic equipment targeted at the global markets of industrial automation and information processing. Carlo Gavazzi’s products (sensors, monitoring relays, timers, energy management systems, solid-state relays, electronic motor controllers, safety devices, and fieldbus systems) provide automation solutions for the factory and building automation markets. read more

Typical customers of Carlo Gavazzi’s are original equipment manufacturers of packaging machines, plastic-injection molding machines, food and beverages production, conveying and material handling equipment, door and entrance control systems, and lifts and elevators. The Carlo Gavazzi product line is also used in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning applications.

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Carlo Gavazzi Type EI Proximity Sensors
Inductive type with stainless steel or thermoplastic polyester housing
Carlo Gavazzi UDM35
3.5 digit µP-based modular digital panel meters
Carlo Gavazzi Type IA Proximity Sensors
Long or short body inductive type with M8 stainless steel housing
Carlo Gavazzi General Purpose Reflective Sensors
Retro and Diffuse reflective family of general purpose sensors
Carlo Gavazzi CA18CL Series Proximity Sensors
Capacitive type with thermoplastic polyester housing and AC or DC output
Carlo Gavazzi GDP Contactors
1, 2 & 3 pole definite purpose contactors ranging from 25 to 90 amps
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Carlo Gavazzi RGC Solid State Relays
1, 2, or 3-pole solid state relays with rated operation voltage up to 600VAC
Carlo Gavazzi EC5525 Proximity Sensors
Flat pack capacitive type with polycarbonate housing
Carlo Gavazzi PMP12
Polarized retro-reflective sensor
Carlo Gavazzi RS1A Series
Industrial, 1-phase, zero-switching solid state relays with LED indicators
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Carlo Gavazzi CA12/18/30CLC Series Proximity Sensors
Capacitive type with 3-wire DC output and teach-in function
Carlo Gavazzi RSE Series Motor Controllers
Compact, easy-to-use, AC semiconductor motor controllers
Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A
3-phase, industrial solid state relays
Carlo Gavazzi Type EC Series Proximity Sensors
Capacitive type with thermoplastic polyester housing
Carlo Gavazzi CA Series
Capacitive level detector with thermoplastic polyester housing for plastic and rubber applications
Carlo Gavazzi RM1C Solid State Relay
Industrial 1-phase peak switching relay, ideal for switching transformers & other highly inductive loads.
Carlo Gavazzi CA18G/F/H Series Proximity Sensors
Capacitive type with grounded steel plate & IP67 rating
Carlo Gavazzi RM1A/B Series
Industrial, 1-phase solid state relays with LED and built-in varistor
Carlo Gavazzi RN1F and RN2F Series
Analog, full cycle switching solid state relays
Carlo Gavazzi CA30CL Capacitive Proximity Sensors
Thermoplastic M30 polyester housing & 2-wire AC/DC output
Carlo Gavazzi RM1E
Industrial, 1-phase analog switching solid state relay
Carlo Gavazzi RD Series Solid State Relay
DC switching relay for fast switching of small DC loads with a high input/output isolation of more than 4000VACrms
Carlo Gavazzi RHS Heatsink Assemblies
Heatsink accessories for use with Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays