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  • 3-phase solid state relay
  • Zero switching
  • Rated operational current: 3 x 25, 40, 55 or 75A
  • Rated operational voltage: Up to 600VAC
  • Control voltage 5VDC, 4-32VDC or 24-275VAC
  • Integral snubber networks
  • Over-temperature protection option with alarm output
  • IP 10 back-of-hand protection
  • LED control input indication
  • Over-temperature alarm status


The Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A solid state relay is designed to switch various loads such as heating elements, motors, and transformers. Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A solid state relays are capable of switching high voltages up to 600VACrms, and covers a range of load currents up to 75AACrms.

For higher reliability and load cycle capability, three semiconductor power units are soldered directly on to the direct copper bonded (DCB) substrate. AC or DC controlled versions of the Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A solid state relay are available. The Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A solid state relay features a built-in LED status indication for applied control voltage and optional over-temperature alarm. A version that can be controlled with 5VDC @ 15mA (max) is also available.