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  • 0.1s to 100h time range
  • 8A SPDT or 2x 8A SPDT relay output
  • 115VAC power supply
  • Knob selection of time range
  • Knob adjustable time setting
  • 7 knob selectable functions
  • LED indication for relay status and power supply ON
  • Plug in mounting


The Carlo Gavazzi PMC01 timer is a multi-voltage timer with 7 knob selectable functions and 7 knob selectable time ranges within 0.1s and 100h. The PMC01 includes a 15VDC, 10mA (1 relay) or 24VDC, 15mA (2 relays) supply for PNP/NPN sensors and 8.2 VDC supply for Namur sensors.

Selectable functions

  • Op - Delay on operate, manual start
  • Oa - Delay on operate, automatic and manual start
  • In - Interval, manual start
  • Ia - Interval, automatic and manual start
  • Nr - Interval with no time reset, manual start
  • Na - Interval with no time reset, automatic and manual start
  • Dr - Delay on release