• DAC01CM24
  • Usually ships in 8-10 weeks



  • Time ranges:
    • Star: 0.1 to 600s
    • Star to Delta: 50 to 130ms
  • Knob selection of star time range
  • Knob adjustable time setting
  • Automatic start
  • ≤0.2% repeatability
  • 8A SPDT relay output with neutral center position
  • 22.5mm Euronorm housing
  • DIN rail mounted
  • LED indication for relay status and power supply ON


The Carlo Gavazzi Type DAC01 timer is a Star-delta control relay with two adjustable time ranges: Star function (0.1 to 600s) and star to delta function (50 to 130ms).

The output relay is normally in the neutral center position. When the power supply is applied, the relay switches to star position (pin 16 or 4) and the star period starts. At the end of the set time period, the relay returns to the neutral center position and the set delay between star and delta position starts. At the end of the star to delta delay (adjustable from 50 to 130 ms), the relay switches in delta position (pin 18 or 3) and does not release until the power supply is interrupted for at least 200ms. If the power supply is interrupted for more than 200ms before the star time period has expired, the relay does not operate and the time circuit is set to zero. The relay is then ready for a new time period.