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  • 0.1s to 100h selectable time range
  • 7 knob-selectable functions:
    • Op: delay on operate
    • In: interval
    • Io: interval on trigger open
    • Id: double interval
    • Dr: delay on release
    • R: symmetrical recycler ON first
    • Rb: symmetrical recycler OFF first
  • Automatic or manual start
  • ≤ 0.2% repeatability:
  • Output: 5A SPDT or 5A DPDT relays
  • For mounting on DIN-rail in accordance with DIN/EN 50 022
  • Combined AC and DC power supply
  • LED indication for relay status and power supply ON


The Carlo Gavazzi DMB51/71 Series Timer includes 7 knob-selectable functions and 7 knob-selectable time ranges within 0.1s and 100h. Designed for mounting on DIN-rail, suitable both for back and front panel mounting.

24 VDC and 24 to 240 VAC or 12 to 240 VAC/DC power supply ranges available.