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  • Time range 0.1s to 100h
  • 1 or 2 x SPDT relay
  • 36mm plug-in module housing
  • Combined AC and DC power supply voltage
  • Knob adjustable time setting Automatic start
  • Four knob selectable functions:
    • Asymmetrical recycler ON first
    • Asymmetrical recycler OFF first
    • One shot time function
    • Two state delay on operate (2 relays version only)


The Carlo Gavazzi Type PCB01 Asymmetrical Recycler Timer is a combined function timer available with up to two SPDT relays. The timer supports up to four knob selectable functions: asymmetrical recycler ON first, asymmetrical recycler OFF first, one shot time function, and two state delay on operate for the 2 relays version only.

After selecting the function via the upper knob, the center and lower knobs are set on a relative scale of 1 to 10 with respect to the chosen range. The T1 time range can be adjusted by setting the DIP-switches 1 to 3, and the T2 time range can be adjusted via DIP-switches 4 to 6. The DIP-switches can be accessed using a screwdriver. Selectable ranges are:

  • 0.1s to 1s
  • 1s to 10s
  • 6s to 60s
  • 60s to 600s
  • 0.1h to 1h
  • 1h to 10h
  • 10h to 100h