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  • Sensor for liquid level detection
  • Unmodulated or modulated
  • Built-in amplifier, Ga-As diode
  • Output: Transistor NPN/PNP or SCR, NO or NC
  • High chemical resistance to most acids and bases
  • VP01/03: Output OFF when sensor in liquid
  • VP02/04: Output ON when sensor in liquid
  • Power supply:
    • DC types: 10 to 40 VDC
    • AC types: 110 or 230 VAC


The Carlo Gavazzi VP Series Optical Level Sensors is fitted with an a built-in amplifier. The transmitter and receiver are completely self-contained in solid plastic housing designed for mounting into container wall. The VP01/02 are available in a Polysulphone housing resistant to most acids and bases. The VP03/04 are available in a Polyamide 12 housing resistant to various solvents.