Kobold DOM Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Positive displacement flow meter for measuring viscous liquids such as oils, fuels, chemicals, solvents, resins and pastes
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Kobold PSR/PS Paddle Flow Switch
Paddle type flow switch with a maximum pressure of 1450 PSI for brass and 3600 PSI for SS, replaces the OK15
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Kobold MIK Series Magneto-Inductive Flow Meter
Magneto-inductive flow meter is perfect for reliably measuring the flow of conductive liquids
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Kobold DVZ Series Vortex Flow Meter
The perfect solution for flow applications where reliability and low cost are desired
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Kobold RCD Series Differential Pressure Flow Meter
Differential pressure flow meters for liquids and gases, replaces the OK10-CLC
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Kobold Kal-K and Kal-A Flow Sensors
Compact, thermal flow sensors with microprocessor-based drift stabilization
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Kobold KSV Series Flow Meters
Very low flows, acid and caustic-proof, shock resistant, small size
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Kobold SM Variable Area Flow Switch/Flow Meter
All metal, high pressure flow meter and switch for easy vertical or horizontal installation
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Kobold DRZ Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Piston type positive displacement flow meter with flow ranges from 1.6 to 110 GPH
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Kobold VKP Series Flow Meters
Viscosity-compensated plastic flow meters and switches, reduced float jamming
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Kobold KSM Series Flow Meters
Rugged, corrosion resistant, KSM are based on the float principle
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Kobold NBK-M Level Indicator
Economical level indicator for lengths up to 9.8 feet with a maximum pressure of 580 psig
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Kobold DPM Pelton Wheel Flow Sensor
Pelton wheel turbine flow meter for locations where space is tight, replaces the OK45
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Kobold SV Float Type Flow Meters and Flow Switches
Compact float type flow meters and switches in brass or stainless steel, replaces the OK55
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Kobold NEK Compact Conductive Level Switch
Ryton or polypropylene bodies and no moving parts
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Kobold DMH Series Inductive Flow Meter
Rough ambient conditions, measures flow rate of electrically conductive materials
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Kobold DAA Flow Indicator
Visual flow indicator with self-cleaning mechanism and optional plastic rotor
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Kobold REG Automatic Flow Regulating Valves
Keeps the flow of liquid constant by decreasing the cross-section of an orifice proportionally as the pressure increases
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Kobold DKB Flow Indicator
Domed sight glass for easy verification of air or liquid flow
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Kobold VKM Variable Area Flow Meter
High pressure viscosity compensated flow meter with optional switch
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Kobold KAL-D Compact Thermal Flow Switch
Compact flow switch with microcontroller for outstanding temperature compensation
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Kobold PDA Digital Pressure Transmitter
Fully scalable 4-20 mA output with ±0.5% full-scale accuracy
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Kobold BGN Series Variable Area Flow Meter
All directions of flow, shows current flow rate in volume or mass per unit in time
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Kobold BGF Series Variable Area Flow Meter
Ideal for processes under difficult and rough operating conditions
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Kobold DKF Series Paddlewheel Flow Indicator
Ideal for flow indications that need to be seen from an elevated position
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Kobold TSK Series Flap Flow Meter
All directions of flow, ideal for processes under difficult and adverse operating conditions
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Kobold VKG Variable Area Flow Meter
Viscosity compensated flowmeter with optional switch
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Kobold KAL-L Thermal Air Flow Switch
Capable of rapid detection of flow rate change of non-hazardous gases
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Kobold NKP Series Level Switches
Maintenance free design, small dimensions and reed contacts with high switch capacity
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Kobold DOR Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter
Cost effective, exceptional tolerance to dirt and solids
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Kobold TDA Digital Temperature Sensor
Versatile, simple-to-operate digital temperature sensor with programmable functions
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Kobold TWR Temperature Switch for Liquids
Provides thermally triggered switching functions for liquids in pipe systems and tanks
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Kobold PDD Series Pressure Switch
Very versatile, simple to operate digital pressure switch
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Kobold SMN Flow Switches
Measures low flow with minimum pressure loss at high flow rates
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Kobold NV Liquid Level Switch
Adjustable float switch sensitivity and a maximum pressure of 230 psig
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Kobold TDD Digital Temperature Switch
Versatile, simple to operate temperature switch with multiple programming features
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Kobold NM Series Level Sensors
Reliable, continuous level indication of all types of liquid, 0.5% accuracy
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Kobold DON Series Oval Gear Flow Meters
Positive displacement flow meter with flow range from 0.13-9.5 GPH through 40-660 GPM, measures viscous liquids
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Kobold NBK-RT200 High Temperature SPDT Contact
High temperature SPDT contact, 390°F Max. process temperature
Kobold NBK-R Standard SPDT Contact
Standard SPDT contact, 212°F Max. process temperature
Kobold Mating 4-Pin Micro-DC Connector
6-Foot Mating Cable for Kobold DPM Series
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Kobold AUF-4000 Compact Display
Plug-on display for Kobold DRZ positive displacement flow meters
Kobold Mating 5-Pin Micro-DC Connector
6-Foot Mating Cable for Kobold DPM Series
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