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  • Easily adjusted setpoint
  • Fixed switch deadband
  • ±4% of final value repeatability (±3% for vacuum)
  • 1/4" FNPT standard process connection
    • G1/4 & 7/16-20 UNF (optional)
  • DIN 43650A electrical connection
  • Suitable for pneumatic or hydraulic applications

The Kobold KPH compact pressure switch features a snap-action switch with gold plated contacts. Available with low, medium and high pressure ranges, the KPH is designed for a variety of process media including air, gases, lubricating oil and light fuels. Pressure ranges are available from -14 to 0 PSIG (vacuum) up to 580 to 6,100 PSIG, with corresponding burst pressures ranging from 1,150 to 8,700 PSIG.

The Kobold KPH compact pressure switch comes standard with a 1/4 inch female NPT process connection and a DIN 43650A electrical connection. The switch has a fixed deadband, though the setpoint is easily adjustable, and a max switching rate of 100 per minute.