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This product is an accessory for the following products:

Kobold DPM Pelton Wheel Flow Sensor
Pelton wheel turbine flow meter for locations where space is tight, replaces the OK45
Kobold DRZ Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter
Piston type positive displacement flow meter with flow ranges from 1.6 to 110 GPH
Kobold DVZ Series Vortex Flow Meter
The perfect solution for flow applications where reliability and low cost are desired
Kobold MIK Series Magneto-Inductive Flow Meter
Magneto-inductive flow meter is perfect for reliably measuring the flow of conductive liquids
Kobold PSD Digital Pressure Sensor
Switchable milliamp or voltage output with 2 PNP transistors and pressure ranges from 0 to 30 PSI up to 0 to 7500 PSI
Kobold RCD Series Differential Pressure Flow Meter
Differential pressure flow meters for liquids and gases, replaces the OK10-CLC
Kobold TDA Digital Temperature Sensor
Versatile, simple-to-operate digital temperature sensor with programmable functions
Kobold VKM Variable Area Flow Meter
High pressure viscosity compensated flow meter with optional switch

This 5-pin Micro-DC connector allowing for the remote mounting of C34P (compact electronics, 4-20mA + 1 PNP switch) and C30R (compact electronics, 2 PNP switches) displays. Available in 6' and 16' lengths