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  • NBK-M
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  • Maximum Pressure:
    • Threaded Fittings: 580 PSIG
    • Flanged Fittings: Per ANSI B16.5 or DIN for the specified flange rating to 580 PSIG maximum
  • Wetted Materials:
    • Bypass Pipe & Fittings: 316-Ti stainless steel
    • Float: Titanium
    • Seals: Buna-N standard, viton, silicone, Teflon and Kalrez optional
  • Roller Materials: Polypropylene or ceramic
  • Maximum Liquid Viscosity: 200 Centistokes
  • Allowable Liquid SG:
    • Float style 8: Liquid specific gravity between 0.78 and 0.94
    • Float style 1: Water and any liquid with specific gravity above 0.95
  • Maximum Measuring Length: 9.8 feet


The Kobold NBK-M economical level indicator uses a revolutionary ring magnet float design allowing the user full flexibility in adding roller indicators, switches and other options anywhere on the periphery of the bypass tube. The use of lighter gauge materials and a streamlined manufacturing process makes the Mini-NBK a very economical choice for low pressure level measuring applications.

Currently, the Kobold NBK-M economical level indicators are not available for purchase online as we need a completed application data sheet to process your order. Please call one of our engineers today for further information regarding purchase of the Kobold NBK-M economical level indicator.

Roller Indicators

A magnetic indicator strip allows the user to take local level readings at the tank. The indicator rollers rotate from white to red as tank level changes. The Kobold NBK-M roller indicator assembly can be rotated in the field to any position on the bypass tube in order to allow for easy readings when installed in a tight location. Rollers are available made of polypropylene for low temperature applications (< 212°F) and ceramic for higher temperature applications.


SPDT switches are available to use hi/low level alarms or for automatic tank fill/empty operations. The switch level setpoint is adjusted in the field by sliding the switch assembly up or down on the bypass pipe.

Level Transducers

Magnetostrictive and variable resistance level transducers are available for transmission of tank level to a remote indicator or control system.

Digital Indicators

For units which have a transducer installed, a digital indicator can also be mounted on the Mini-NBK to allow for local digital indication, an analog output and/or switches.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Visual Level Indication with Outputs

The Background: The customer has a transportation depot that maintains a bulk oil tank and requires a level indicator to monitor the amount of oil within the tank.

The Problem: For those working the shop floor, visual indication is the best option. However, the customer also wants the ability to monitor and record tank levels from the office as well as have low alarm capability.

The Solution: The Kobold NBK-M economical level indicator provides everything the customer needs. Each NBK-M is custom made to the customers specifications and includes both easy-to-read visual indication for quick checks as well as 4-20mA output for remote indication and SPDT switches for hi/low level alarms or for automatic tank fill/empty operations.