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  • 0 to 500 mmH2O (50 mbar) pressure range
    • Over-range up to 750 mbar
  • ±1% full scale accuracy
  • 4 to 20mA output & 2 programmable relays
  • 4-digit LED indication


The Kobold PMP differential pressure sensor is designed for measurement and control of air or non-corrosive gases within a pressure range of 0 to 500 mmH2O (50mbar). A 4 to 20mA output is included for remote transmission, as well as two programmable relays. Relay, hysteresis, time delay of the relays and analog output are all programmable.

A micro processor controls the Kobold PMP differential pressure sensor, which is housed in an IP65 polycarbonate enclosure. Differential pressure readings are shown on the PMP's 4-digit LED display and readings are within ±1% of full scale. Two 6 x 8mm tubing pressure connections come standard with this Kobold sensor, while two 1/4 inch NPT female ports are available as an option.