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UE Systems Ultraprobe 9000 Ultrasonic Inspection System
Digital system for mechanical and electrical inspections, leak detection, energy audits, vibration testing, and more
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UE Systems Ultraprobe 100 Ultrasonic Inspection System
Lightweight, portable analog tool for leak detection, valve testing, and mechanical and electrical inspection or troubleshooting
Fluke 1AC-II / 1LAC-II  VoltAlert Tester
Pocket-sized voltage detector
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UE Systems Ultraprobe 3000 Ultrasonic Inspection System
Lightweight, digital system for mechanical and electrical inspections, leak detection, energy audits, vibration testing, and more
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UE Systems Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy
Ultrasonic instrument designed to identify bearing issues, prevent overlubrication, and help prolong equipment life
UE Systems Ultraprobe 3000 Long Range Ultrasonic Inspection System
Lightweight, digital system with extended detection range for mechanical & electrical inspections, leak detection, energy audits, & more
Fluke 1663 Multifunction Installation Tester
Advanced installation tester used to verify the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications
Fluke 500 Series Battery Analyzers
Test tool for maintaining, troubleshooting, and testing individual stationary batteries and battery banks
Fluke 1662 Multifunction Installation Tester
A solid, basic installation tester used to verify the safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications
UE Systems Ultraprobe 2000 Ultrasonic Inspection System
Intrinsically safe analog system for a wide range of testing demands, including mechanical and electrical inspections and leak detection
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UE Systems Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy
Digital, ultrasound system for both preventive and condition-based lubrication management
Fluke 179 Industrial Multimeter Service Kit
Fluke 179 True-RMS multimeter with built-in thermometer and Fluke 323 AC current clamp and accessories
Amprobe TIC 300 PRO Voltage Detector
High energy tic tracer for non-contact AC voltage detection
Fluke 1664 FC Multifunction Installation Tester
Full featured installation tester with Fluke Connect verifies the safety of electrical installations in commercial and industrial applications
Fluke 87V/E2 Industrial Electrician Combo Kit
Includes special accessories to make industrial troubleshooting with the Fluke 87V multimeter even more productive
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Fluke 1587/MDT FC Advanced Motor & Drive Troubleshooting Kit
Includes a Fluke 1587 FC insulation multimeter, Fluke i400 current clamp, and a Fluke 9040 phase rotation indicator
Amprobe PRM-6 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester
Designed to test the motor rotation of 3-phase systems and verify 3-phase receptacle wiring and phase sequencing
Extech CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester
AC outlet load handling capabilities plus outlet tester functions
AEMC 275HVD Voltage Detector
Non-contact AC high voltage detector designed to detect the presence of high voltage without physical contact
Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester
Portable universal battery tester for standard and rechargeable batteries
Extech PRT200 Non-Contact Phase Sequence Tester
Checks phase sequence and phase status, Tests up to 1000VAC with LED and audible indication
Extech 380803 Power Analyzer
True RMS appliance tester & power analyzer with PC interface plus data logging for analyzing AC power loads
Extech 480400 3-Phase Rotation Tester
Checks phase sequence and phase status
Megger High Pot Testers
AC and AC/DC high-pot testers designed for development, maintenance or production testing
Fluke 116/62 MAX+ Technician's Combo Kit
-22 to 1202°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±1% accuracy Fluke 62 MAX+ infrared thermometer & 116 HVAC multimeter provides effective troubleshooting
Fluke T5-H5-1AC KIT/US Electrical Tester Kit
Electrical testing kit includes T5-1000 tester, 1AC II Voltage Tester and the Fluke H5 holster
Amprobe INSP-3 Wiring Inspector Tester
Tests for voltage, voltage drop, hot and neutral voltage drop, voltage with load, ground impedance
Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester
Ergonomically designed battery tester to better hold batteries in place during testing
Megger PAT450 Portable Appliance Tester
Designed to test portable electrical equipment for safe operation, 10,000 record on-board memory
Fluke T+ and  T+ PRO Electrical Testers
Electrical testers featuring three forms of AC/DC voltage indication: light, sound and vibration
Fluke 117/323 Electrician's Combo Kit
Value-packed kit that provides the meters and accessories an electrician needs
Extech 40180 Tone Generator and Amplifier Probe Kit
Heavy duty kit with audible tone that easily identifies wires or cables
Extech CT20 Continuity Tester
One person operation for wire and cable testing
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Megger BITE2 Battery Impedance Testers
Determines condition of lead-acid and NiCd cells up to 7000 Ah
Fluke T5 Testers
Voltage, continuity and current testers available in 600V or 1000V models
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Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator
Effective for measuring phase rotation in all areas where three phase supplies are used to feed motors, drives and electrical systems
Amprobe PK-110 Electrical Test Kit
Combines three electrical testers with functions suitable for a variety of residential applications
Megger BITE3 Battery Impedance Tester
Measures float current and the harmonic content of the ripple current.
Extech BT100 Battery Capacity Tester
AC Milli-ohmmeter checks battery condition is seconds while the battery is in service
Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder
3-in-1 tester to test receptacles, GFCI circuits, or locate fuses
Fluke 62 MAX+/323/1AC Electrical Test Kit
14 to 752°F, 12:1 (D:S) with Fluke 62 Max+ infrared thermometer, includes Fluke 323 clamp meter & 1AC II VoltAlert voltage detector
Megger 560060 / 560400 Phase Rotation Tester
Determines rotation direction of one, two or three phase motors before connection to line, ABS high-impact plastic case
Extech CB10-KIT Electrical Troubleshooting Kit
Circuit breaker finder with outlet/GFCI tester, continuity checker/wire tracer and AC voltage detector with flashlight
Megger PAT320 Portable Appliance Tester
Appliance tester for testing the safety of electrical equipment
FLIR RT50 GFCI Receptacle Tester
Safely verifies or troubleshoots operation of 3-wire receptacles within residential & commercial buildings quickly & safely
Megger VF2 AC Voltage Detector
Non-contact pen detects the presence of live AC voltages at socket outlets or against wire insulation
Extech DVA30 AC Voltage and Current Detector
The only two-in-one AC current and AC voltage detector designed for electrical testing
Amprobe LT-10 Lamp Tester
Compact tester that takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting fluorescent lighting systems
AEMC 6609 Phase & Motor Rotation Meter
Double insulated three-in-one battery powered meter
Fluke 62 MAX+/T+PRO/1AC Electrical Test Kit
-22 to 1202°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±1% accuracy infrared thermometer with Fluke 323 clamp meter & T+PRO voltage & continuity tester
Extech 480403 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester
Determine the phase orientation of a three phase power supply or the direction of rotation on a three phase motor
Fluke T6 Electrical Tester
TrueRMS tester measures voltage & current without test leads making contact to live voltage
Amprobe BAT-500 Battery Capacity Tester
Quick and accurate battery testing without taking the batteries offline
AEMC Model NC-1 AC Voltage Detector
For indoor use and in accordance with overvoltage 600V Cat. III
AEMC 6608 Phase Rotation Meter
3-phase rotation tester self powered via the measurement inputs
FLIR VT8 Series Multifunction Electrical Testers
Open-jaw design for measuring AC/DC voltage & current, continuity, resistance & capacitance in tight spaces & large diameter cables
AEMC 6610 Phase Rotation Meter
Provides greater safety from potential electrical shock with non-metallic contact voltage sensor clips
Amprobe NCV-1000 Non-Contact Voltage Probe
Detects voltage without interrupting electrical systems up to 1000VAC with high safety ratings & optional high sensitivity range
Extech DV30 AC Voltage Detector
Non-contact AC voltage detector with adjustable sensitivity
Fluke LVD2 Volt Light
Pen-style non-contact AC voltage detector with LED flashlight
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Megger PSI700A Phase Sequence Indicator
Indicates when A, B or C phase is energized to determine sequence or rotation of a 3-phase system, 600VAC CATIII (50/60Hz)
Megger LT300 High Current Loop Tester
Single and three phase loop testing using a high current load to measure the voltage drop on the supply
Megger 830220-1 Cable Phasing Meter
Operates at low voltage, battery operated, measures voltage up to 30 kV, measures capacitance of test point if system voltage is known
Megger OTS60SX/2 Oil Test Set
Portable semi-automatic oil dielectric strength test unit for field use, suitable for all oil breakdown testing to 60kV
FLIR VP50 Voltage Detector
Safe, CAT IV-1000V rated non-contact voltage detector with built-in flashlight
Extech VT30 Digital Voltage Tester
Digital Voltage Tester with Bargraph
AEMC 8505 Motor / Transformer Testers
Checks transformer coil continuity and check capacitor for functionality, detects open or shorted coils and capacitor
Extech DV20 Voltage Detector
Easy-to-use voltage detector with built-in flashlight
Extech DV25 AC Voltage Detector
Dual range non-contact AC voltage detector
Extech DA30 Current Detector
Easy-to-use non-contact AC current detector
Megger Detex Phasing Tester
4-35kV LED phasing detector with two fixed-length, 43in (1092mm) poles with hand guards
Megger DC Dielectric Test Sets
Compact, portable, air insulated, uses no oil, ±2% accuracy
Megger Detex Voltage Detectors
Seven models, measure up to 550kV, continuous monitoring
Extech DA50 AC Current Detector
Telescoping probe with non-contact detection of AC Current up to 1000A