• UP-401
  • Usually ships in 1-2 weeks



  • 30kHz peak frequency response
  • 20-100kHz frequency range
  • 16-segment bar graph
  • 400 memory storage locations
  • 18 setup menus for customization
  • Magnetically mounted transducer with docking station
  • Built-in front-end lamp
  • Swivel base
  • Noise isolation headset for hardhat use
  • 5-year parts and labor warranty


The UE Systems Ultraprobe 401 digital grease caddy combines advanced digital technology and data management software in an ultrasound-assisted lubrication management system. The system provides the ability to review and continually improve total lubrication practice, note warning signs, and trend successes for either condition-based or time-based, preventive lubrication.

As lubrication levels in a bearing decrease, friction increases and ultrasound levels rise. The Ultraprobe 401 translates ultrasound into the audible range, enabling users to hear and recognize bearing sounds while simultaneously viewing decibel levels on a display panel. Bearings with increases over 8 dB and no change in sound quality need lubrication. A lube route is created, and baseline data is uploaded to the grease caddy. When decibel levels drop to the baseline level, the user will know to stop adding lubricant. The lubrication data can then be stored and added to the bearing's history file.

The system provides a wide range of data including bearing housing lubrication capacity, the type of grease used, baseline dB levels, dB levels before and after applying grease, the amount of strokes needed to apply grease, cost of grease, cost analysis, and trend bearing condition. Bearing lubrication data is seamlessly integrated into the data management system, allowing users to monitor bearing condition and lubrication history.