• Input voltage:
    • UL1/N=120V, UL2/N=120V, UL1/L2=208V, 60Hz (3-phase system)
    • UL1/N=120V, UL2/N=120V, UL1/L2=240V, 60Hz (single-phase system)
  • Max. 250V 50/60Hz, CAT II 250 V output terminals
  • -4° to 104°F (-20° to 40°C) operating temperature
  • SAE J1772 socket, 16A (type 1, 5P single-phase) EV connector
  • 3 year warranty

What's in the Box

  • FEV100/BASIC Test Adapter
  • FEV-COM/TY1 Type 1 Connector & Cable
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • User Manual


The Fluke FEV100 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Adapter Kit is designed to easily test the safety and performance of type 1, level 1 or level 2 electrical vehicle AC charging stations (EVSE). This test adapter simulates the presence of an electrical vehicle, allowing you to conduct tests such as ground fault checks, insulation of wires, measuring voltage and duty cycle to see max current available for charging in combination with other Fluke testing tools such as a digital multimeter or oscilloscope. The FEV100 can be used to verify if an EVSE is working properly after installation as well as during periodic maintenance, or troubleshoot an EVSE if it is not delivering the appropriate charge.

Available measurements

  • Grounding system Pre-Test
  • Phase indicator (presence of voltage)
  • CP State simulation (A, B, C , D ) for Control Pilot
  • CP Error "E" simulation (Control Pilot CP signal short-circuited to PE)
  • GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter test
  • Fault Voltage test in normal conditions (no GFCI test current) and during GFCI test
  • PE Error (Earth Fault) simulation (interruption of PE conductor)
  • Measurements on live conductors (L1, L2/N) and on PE ground conductor
  • Test of Control Pilot CP signal