• CB10-KIT
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  • Kit Includes:
    • CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder
    • CT20 Continuity Tester/Wire Tracer
    • DV20 AC Voltage Detector/Flashlight


The Extech CB10-KIT electrical troubleshooting kit comes with the following in a carrying case:

Extech CB10 Circuit Breaker Finder

The Extech CB10 circuit breaker finder quickly locates circuit breakers with an audible and visual alert. The variable sensitivity adjustment feature is used to pinpoint the correct circuit breaker. The LED indicators determine if the outlet is correctly wired and identify six fault conditions. The Extech CB10 circuit breaker finder has a push button GFCI test, is UL listed and CE approved, and operates on a 9V battery (included).

Extech CT20 Continuity Tester

The Extech CT20 continuity tester features a bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beeper. The remote probe with flashing (red/green) allows a single user to trace up to three cables. The CE approved Extech CT20 continuity tester clips on and hangs from the cable(s) under test without support. A 9V battery is included.

Extech DV20 AC Voltage Detector

The Extech DV20 AC voltage detector and flashlight is used for non-contact detection of AC voltage from 100VAC to 600VAC. It has rugged double molded housing and a built-in bright LED flashlight with ON/OFF button. The Extech DV20 AC voltage detector is UL listed CAT III - 600V, CE approved and operates on AAA batteries (included).