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Amprobe PRM-6 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester
Designed to test the motor rotation of 3-phase systems and verify 3-phase receptacle wiring and phase sequencing
Extech PRT200 Non-Contact Phase Sequence Tester
Checks phase sequence and phase status, Tests up to 1000VAC with LED and audible indication
Extech 480400 3-Phase Rotation Tester
Checks phase sequence and phase status
Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator
Effective for measuring phase rotation in all areas where three phase supplies are used to feed motors, drives and electrical systems
Megger 560060 / 560400 Phase Rotation Tester
Determines rotation direction of one, two or three phase motors before connection to line, ABS high-impact plastic case
AEMC 6609 Phase & Motor Rotation Meter
Double insulated three-in-one battery powered meter
Extech 480403 Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Tester
Determine the phase orientation of a three phase power supply or the direction of rotation on a three phase motor
AEMC 6608 Phase Rotation Meter
3-phase rotation tester self powered via the measurement inputs
AEMC 6610 Phase Rotation Meter
Provides greater safety from potential electrical shock with non-metallic contact voltage sensor clips
Megger PSI700A Phase Sequence Indicator
Indicates when A, B or C phase is energized to determine sequence or rotation of a 3-phase system, 600VAC CATIII (50/60Hz)
Megger 830220-1 Cable Phasing Meter
Operates at low voltage, battery operated, measures voltage up to 30 kV, measures capacitance of test point if system voltage is known