• DV30
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  • Non-Contact detection of AC voltage
  • Range: 12VAC to 600VAC
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Audible and visible voltage indication
  • Self test function

What's in the Box

  • Pocket clip
  • 4 LR44 button batteries


The Extech DV30 AC voltage detector is for non-contact detection of AC Voltage from 12VAC to 600VAC. The Extech DV30 AC voltage detector has adjustable sensitivity to increase or reduce the sensor trigger threshold. The Extech DV30 AC voltage detector is the perfect instrument for detecting live wires and breaks in wires, the hot side of lines, tracing HVAC and security system wires, and checking the polarity of fuses and circuits.

The Extech DV30 AC voltage detector includes both audible and visible voltage indication and a self test function.

Applications for the Extech DV30 AC Voltage Detector:

  • Detects microwave oven leakage
  • Detect live wire and breaks in wires
  • Detects hot side of lines
  • Trace HVAC and security system wires
  • Check polarity of fuses and circuit