Fluke T5 Testers
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  • Continuity beeper threshold: On at < 25Ω, off at >400Ω
  • Volts indicator LED threshold guaranteed on by 30VAC
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
  • Storage temperature: -30 to 60°C (-22 to 140°F)
  • Dust / water resistant
  • Overvoltage category
    • 600V AC/DC, CAT III
    • 1000V AC/DC, CAT III ; 600V AC/DC, CAT IV

The Fluke T5 electrical testers check voltage, continuity and current with one compact tool. With the T5, all you have to do is select volts, ohms, or current and the tester does the rest. OpenJaw current lets you check current up to 100A - without breaking the circuit.

The Fluke T5 electrical testers measure AC volts and DC volts with precise digital resolution. Resistance is displayed to 1000Ω, the auto-off mode conserves battery life and the Fluke T5 testers can stay connected much longer than a solenoid type tester.

The test leads stow neatly in the back of the tester, making it easy to tote the T5 in your tool pouch. The detachable SlimReach test probes are customized for national electrical standards. The test leads accept optional accessories such as clips and specialty probes. The Fluke T5 is available in 600V and 1000V models.

Test Leads

Fluke AC220 Alligator Clips
SureGrip clips inlcude one pair (red & black) of small (9.5mm), insulated, nickel plated jaws
Fluke AC285 SureGrip Alligator Clips
One pair (red & black) of nickel-plated steel jaws with multi-purpose tooth patterns to grip anything from fine gauge wire to a 20mm bolt
In Stock
Fluke TP1 Slim Reach Test Probes
One pair (red & black) of slender probes with flat stainless steel blade to hold securely in blade-type electrical wall sockets
In Stock
Fluke TP2 Slim Reach Test Probes
One pair (red, black) of slender stainless steel probes with 2mm diameter tips for accessing closely-spaced or recessed terminals
Fluke TP4 Slim Reach Test Probes
One pair (red, black) of slender stainless steel probes with 4mm diameter tips for accessing closely-spaced or recessed terminals
In Stock
Fluke TLK291 Fused Test Probe Set
FF rated, 500mA, 1000V, and 50kA fuse for use with 4mm shrouded test leads
Fluke T5 Starter Kit
Starter kit for use with the Fluke T5 Voltage


Fluke H5 Holster
Fluke H5 electrical tester holster


Carrying cases, spare cases

Fluke C101 Hard Case
Tough polyprophylene exterior shell with two layers of pre-cut foam that can be customized
In Stock
Fluke C345 Soft Case
Polyester carrying case with movable internal divider and outer zippered pouch with elastic strap and mesh accessory retainer
Fluke C520A Leather Case
Oil tanned genuine top grain cowhide with heavy duty stitching and reinforced rivets


Please consider these optional accessories.

Fluke Professional Tool Backpack
Durable high-quality polyester, injection molded plastic bottom base, six storage compartments
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T5-1000 USA
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