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Time Electronics 1040, 1041, and 1051 Resistance Decade Boxes
Compact resistance decade boxes featuring multiple ranges
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Time Electronics 1061, 1065, and 1067 Resistance Decade Boxes
Resistance decade boxes with high accuracy over multiple ranges
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Time Electronics 1049 PT100 Simulator
Precision simulator for PT100 0.3850 platinum resistance elements
Time Electronics 1007 DC Millivolt Potentiometer and Source
Fast calibration of temperature measuring equipment or measure thermocouple output
Time Electronics 1044 DC Voltage and Current Calibrator
Accurate, low cost, portable DC voltage and current calibrator suitable for use anywhere
Time Electronics 5069 INSCAL Insulation Tester Calibration System
Precision, portable unit suitable for calibrating and testing insulation testers
Time Electronics 1006 DC Millivolt Source
Accurate, low cost millivolt source suitable for voltage injection applications
Time Electronics 1053 Decade Inductance Box
Accurate decade inductance box suitable for general purpose substitution
Time Electronics 1070 and 1071 Decade Capacitance Box
High accuracy decade boxes with multiple capacitance ranges
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Showing 1 to 9 of 9 products.