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  • 9 high precision selectable spot insulation resistances
  • 4 low resistance spot values
  • 100 kΩ to 10 GΩ insulation resistance
  • 1% basic accuracy
  • Up to 2.5 kV operation
  • Continuous connection – no arcing
  • Fully shrouded safety connectors
  • Display of open circuit voltage
  • Display of short circuit current


The Time Electronics 5068 Insulation Tester Calibrator has nine selectable precision resistors provide the insulation resistance test. Also fitted are 4 fixed low resistance values for verification of the low ohm ranges and continuity. The insulation tester being calibrated can be tested for open circuit voltage and short circuit current. 

The 5068 Insulation Tester Calibrator is constructed from very high insulation materials, including its case and is fully isolated from any external circuits including the mains supply.