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  • 15 ppm precision calibrator
  • 0 to 1050 V AC/DC voltage
  • 0 to 22 A AC/DC current
  • 1 Ω to 1.1 GΩ variable resistance
  • Thermocouple and Pt100 simulation
  • Clamp meter and power calibration
  • Capacitance and inductance
  • Optional oscilloscope calibration
  • RS-232, USB, and GPIB interfaces
  • EasyCal software compatible


The Time Electronics 5025C Multifunction Calibrator combines performance and functionality with simple operation, making it suitable for calibration laboratories, workshops and on-site test facilities. Quickly select functions and ranges, set output values and increment digits up/down via the keypad. A deviation control feature enables the user to finely adjust the output value as a percentage (± 9.999 %). All information is shown on a clear, easy to read alphanumeric display.

The 5025C-S2 can calibrate various instruments and devices including:
• Analogue and digital multimeters, panel meters, process meters
• Clamp meters (with clamp coil option 9780)
• Power meters, watt meters
• Tachometers, chart recorders, data loggers
• Thermocouple and Pt100 meters, electronic thermometers
• Oscilloscopes and timer counters (with SCP option)

The 5025C-S2 is supplied as standard with Time Electronics’ windows based Virtual Control Software. It allows quick and direct input of any value required. The remote SCPI command is displayed to help users develop custom applications.