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  • 1 mV to 220 V square wave/DC
  • 0.1 to 100 MHz frequency
  • 10 s to 10 ns time markers
  • < 300 ps fast rise
  • 2.2 GHz sweep option
  • Front panel or PC virtual control
  • EasyCal software compatible


The Time Electronics 5045 Oscilloscope Calibrator provides a wide range of outputs for amplitude, frequency, period and bandwidth. Amplitude calibration is achieved by a DC signal or 1 kHz square-wave, ranging from 1 mV to 220 V (2 V max for 50 ohm loads). Deviation up to ± 9.99 % allows fine adjustment of amplitude and direct read-out of error.

Accurate frequencies are generated from a temperature controlled quartz crystal oscillator. Alternatively a 10 MHz reference input in can be used. Timing accuracy of 0.1 ppm is suitable for most oscilloscopes and timer counters. A precise square-wave output provides a fast rise time of less than 300 ps, allowing bandwidth testing up to 600 MHz.

The 5045 is supplied with a Windows based virtual control interface software. This allows the user to control the instrument via a laptop or PC. EasyCal software is available as an option to enable automated testing and calibration management.