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  • 0 to 1050 V AC/DC voltage
  • 0 to 22 A AC/DC current
  • 40 to 500 Hz adjustable frequency
  • Single-phase power simulation
  • Up to 23 kVA or 23 kW
  • Phase angle ± 90.0°
  • Power factor 0.00 to 1.00
  • Operation via EasyCal or virtual control software


The Time Electronics 5077 Multifunction Power Calibrator can be used as a workload calibrator for verification of electrical measurement devices, or as a programmable source in an automated test rig for meter testing. 

For power the 5077 voltage range is 2 mV to 1050 V, with current from 2 mA to 22 A. Frequency is adjustable from 40 to 500 Hz, and phase ± 90.0° in 0.1° steps. Alternatively power factor (PF) can be set in steps of 0.01. The output can be displayed as VA or Watts. The wide current and voltage ranges enable verification of power meters on either the primary side of the of the CT / VT or directly connected to the meter (secondary side).