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  • 0 to 1050 V & 0 to 22 A (AC/DC)
  • Source up to 1 GΩ resistance
  • Thermocouple simulate & measure
  • Pt100 simulate & measure
  • Capacitance and inductance
  • Oscilloscope calibration
  • Clamp meter calibration
  • EasyCal Software included


The Time Electronics 5051Plus Multifunction Calibration System offers high performance calibration, maximum functionality, and provides the foundation for an efficient calibration program. By integrating the calibrator, multimeter and PC in one unit, minimal bench space is used in the laboratory.

With automatic source and measure capabilities the system can calibrate a wide range of products quickly and efficiently. Test and verify multimeters, clamp meters, decade boxes, thermocouple indicators and sensors, tacho meters, frequency meters, oscilloscopes, timer counters, RTDs and much more.