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  • 7.5 digit resolution
  • 10 nV to 10 kV, 10 pA to 30 A
  • 18 ppm accuracy
  • 10 channel scanner option
  • Resistance, capacitance, frequency
  • Temperature measurements
  • GPIB interface (USB adaptor option)


The Time Electronics 5075 Precision Digital Multimeter is ideal for users requiring a DMM with multiple functions and exceptional resolution and accuracy up to 7.5 digits. This makes the 5075 is a versatile solution to essential laboratory calibration and verification, covering a wide range of applications with excellent measurement capabilities, whilst maintaining reliability and performance.

The Auto Dynamic Filter (ADF) mode allows the 5075 to automatically select the most suitable filter. For a fast changing signal or for when the signal is first connected the reading is displayed almost immediately, but if the input remains constant, the filter time is increased to provide a more stable accurate reading. If the input were disconnected the filter would immediately return to the fastest. 

Functions for diode/zener tests, max/min, peak hold and continuity checks are available and also various audible warnings can be selected. A bar graph function allows the user to program high and low pass/fail limits and switch to the bar display mode. This will give an audible and visual indication to the user of the components specification. A low thermal, 10-channel scanner option, allows multiple inputs to be displayed or compared without the additional cost and inconvenience of a separate switching arrangement.