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King Instrument 7520 / 7530 Series Rotameter
Machined cast acrylic block construction variable area flow meter for water or air, direct reading scale
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King Instrument 7510 / 7511 Series Rotameter
Acrylic tube rotameters with in-line connections, replaces the IK55-D
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Krohne H250-RR Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal design ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media
King Instrument 7200 Series Rotameter
General purpose rotameter with machined cast acrylic metering tube, replaces the IK55-A
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Hedland EZ-View Liquid Flow Meters
Polysulfone variable area flow meters for oil and water
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Georg Fischer 807 Series Rotameter
Fully customizable rotameter with multiple scale ranges
Lake Monitors Variable Area Flow Monitors
Accurate, dependable flow monitoring in operations up to 6000 psig and flow rates of up to 150 GPM
King Instrument 7430 / 7440 Series Rotameters
Low-flow, borosilicate glass rotameters with optional alarm
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Brooks Sho-Rate Model 1350 / 1355 Variable Area Flow Meter
Low flow glass tube flow meter, purge applications, ranges up to 34 gph and 140 scfh, interchangeable tubes and floats
Hedland Flow Meter for Petroleum Fluids
Variable area flow meter for petroleum fluids with temperatures to 500°F
Hedland Flow Meter for Air and Compressed Gases
Variable area flow meter for air and compressed gases
Krohne DK32 / DK34 / DK37 Variable Area Flow Meters
Versatile, all-metal flow meters for liquid flow rates to 0.7 gpm and gas flow rates to 2.825 scfm
King Instrument 7330 Series Rotameter
Polysulfone rotameters with PVC/PVDF union ends. Replaces IK55-B
Yokogawa RAMC Short Stroke Rotameter
Measures flow rates of liquids and gases specializing in troubled, opaque or aggressive mediums
King Instrument 7710 Series Rotameter
Stainless steel rotameters with magnetically-coupled dial-type indicators. Replaces IK55-F
Hedland Flow Meter for Water-based Fluids
Variable area flow meter for water-based fluids and oil/water emulsions with temperatures to 500°F
Brooks Sho-Rate Model 1358 Variable Area Flow Meters
Interchangeable tubes and floats, 10:1 rangeability, flow ranges up to 5 gpm and 15 scfm, single tube or multi-tube
Krohne DK Series Glass Cone Flow Meters
Glass cone variable area flow meters for low flow liquid and gas applications
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Brooks Sho-Rate Model 1250 / 1255 Variable Area Flow Meter
Sho-Rate low flow galss tube flow meter, 65 or 150mm scale lengths, 180° rotating lens, EZ-change design
King Instrument 7460 Series Rotameter
Rotameter for gases or liquids with 75mm scale Borosilicate Kinglass metering tube
King Instrument 7100 Series Rotameter
Stainless steel rotameter great for low flow, high pressure water or air applications
Hedland Water and Other Fluid Flow Meters
Variable area flow meter for water and other fluids at temperatures of -20 to 240°F, stainless steel or brass, 1/4 to 3in sizes available
Kobold SM Variable Area Flow Switch/Flow Meter
All metal, high pressure flow meter and switch for easy vertical or horizontal installation
Brooks Model 3750 Variable Area Flow Meters
All metal variable area flow meter, flow ranges up to 100 I/h or 26 GPH, 316 stainless steel or monel K-500 parts
Krohne H250-C Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal design with PTFE/ceramic liner for aggressive media
King Instrument 7650 Series Rotameter
Chemically resistant, borosilicate glass tube meter series for liquid service
Krohne H250-F Variable Area Flow Meter
Rugged, all-metal flow meter for liquids, gases and saturated steam in hygienic applications
Kobold VKP Series Flow Meters
Viscosity-compensated plastic flow meters and switches, reduced float jamming
Lake Monitors ClearView Flow Meter
Economical way to monitor municipal pressure water flows, observe case drain flows, and verify pump outputs
Kobold BGF Series Variable Area Flow Meter
Ideal for processes under difficult and rough operating conditions
Kobold KSM Series Flow Meters
Rugged, corrosion resistant, KSM are based on the float principle
Kobold VKM Variable Area Flow Meter
High pressure viscosity compensated flow meter with optional switch
Kobold KSV Series Flow Meters
Very low flows, acid and caustic-proof, shock resistant, small size
King Instrument 7450 Series Rotameter
Rotameter with 75 or 150mm borosilicate glass metering tube
Brooks Model 1305 Variable Area Flow Meter
Glass tube variable area flow meter, o-ring seal construction, ranges 0.8 to 25 gpm (3 to 50 scfm)
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Kobold BGN Series Variable Area Flow Meter
All directions of flow, shows current flow rate in volume or mass per unit in time
Brooks Model 1306 Variable Area Flow Meter
Glass tube variable Area flow meter, o-ring seal construction, up to 590 gph and up to 39 scfm
King Instrument 7610 Series Rotameter
Borosilicate glass rotameters with optional alarm. Replaces IK55-E
Lake Monitors Case Drain Monitor
Affordable alternative to using a standard flow meter for case drain applications
Yokogawa RAGL 41 Laboratory Rotameter
Large measuring range, Low pressure loss, anti-static measuring
King Instrument 7480 Series Rotameter
Borosilicate glass metering tube with 250 mm scale
Hedland High Pressure Flow Meter for Phosphate Ester Fluids
Variable area flow meter for Phosphate Ester fluids with pressures to 6000psi
Hedland Flow Meter For A.P.I. Oil / Caustic and Corrosive Liquids
Variable area flow meter for A.P.I. oil / caustic and corrosive liquids, T316 Stainless body, piston and cone, accuracy ±2% full scale
Yokogawa RAGK Rotameter
Transparent tube gives you full insight into the process and position of the float
King Instrument 7470 Series Rotameter
127mm scale glass tube rotameter
Yokogawa RAKD Rotameter
Robust, compact, designed for low flows and high pressure applications
Brooks Model 1307 Variable Area Flow Meter
Glass tube variable Area flow meter, o-ring seal construction, measures water up to 10 GPM and air up to 45 scfm
King Instrument 7750 Series Rotameter
Stainless steel rotameter with flange connections and optional 4-20mA transmitter
King Instruments 7310 Rotameter
Molded Polysulfone rotameter with 304 stainless steel case for lighter duty applications where a case enclosed meter is preferred
King Instrument 7910 Series Rotameter
Borosilicate glass rotatmeters with optional alarm
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King Instrument 7720 Series Rotameter
Rugged PVC rotameters with magnetically-coupled dial-type indicator. Replaces IK55-G
King Instruments Silver Series Flow Meter
Removable glass tube flow meters with powder-coated 304SS case & molded polycarbonate shield cover
Kobold VKG Variable Area Flow Meter
Viscosity compensated flowmeter with optional switch
King Instrument 7459 Series Rotameter
Aluminum side plate rotameter with a 250mm scale borosilicate glass metering tube
Kobold TSK Series Flap Flow Meter
All directions of flow, ideal for processes under difficult and adverse operating conditions
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Hedland Flow Meter for Caustic Air and Gases
Variable area flow meter for caustic and corrosive gases
Yokogawa RAGN Rotameter
Designed for aggressive applications, turnable splinter shield