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  • Compact size
  • Light weight
  • All-welded design
  • 1500 psi rating standard, 5000 option
  • Continuous duty design
  • Minimized fill volume
  • Male connections eliminate adapters/fittings
  • Available flushing connection (Type 511)
  • Dual inch & metric wrench flats

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Ashcroft Type 510 / 511 diaphragm seals are all welded, light weight, and continuous duty design seals. A 1500 psi rating comes as standard with an optional 5000 psi rating. The top and lower housing is made of 316L stainless steel. The seal will add 1/2% accuracy to the stated full scale accuracy of the instrument it is attached too. The compact design is small enough to be used in confined spaces, but provides sufficient displacement to drive a wide variety of instrumentation. Its all welded tamper proof design prevents possible process media leakage.

Applications for the Ashcroft Type 510 / 511 diaphragm seals include corrosive processes, controlling fugitive emissions, elevated process temperatures, suspended solids in the process, limited space, and where male process connections are preferred.